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Pain Relief For Dogs

Is animal chiropractic an effective way to provide pain relief for dogs?  The answer is emphatically yes.  In our practice, we see many pets struggling with pain in their back, neck, knee, and much more.  Until recently, many of us would treat these problems with drugs without a second thought.  However, there is a growing […]

Senior Dogs With Mobility Issues

Natural solutions for senior dogs with mobility issues Pet owners love their dogs and will do anything to help them.  That is why it is so hard to watch our senior dogs struggling with mobility issues.  Certain issues plague this age group including: Shaky legs Trouble getting up and down Tripping Falling Decline in activity […]

Geriatric Dogs and Animal Chiropractic

I find myself writing this blog today because our practice has seen an uptick in geriatric dogs recently.  What is their biggest complaint?  Typically, the issue is rear end shaking and an inability to support their weight.  The good news is that we are getting great results with this population.  In fact, our patients frequently […]

Dachshunds, Back Pain, and Animal Chiropractic

If you own a Dachshund, you are probably aware that they are prone to back problems.  As a matter of fact, the lifetime prevalence for disc disease in the breed is estimated to be 19%.  Essentially, 1 in 5 Dachshunds will experience disc disease during their lifetime.  This is a debilitating condition that can lead […]


Natural Solution for Paralyzed Dogs

One moment your dog is running blissfully through the yard – then suddenly, without warning, he begins dragging his hind legs.  A paralyzed dog is a terrifying ordeal for pet owners that typically results in a visit to the closest emergency vet.  After a set of x-rays, your vet will recommend steroids, pain killers, muscle […]