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Ingredients to avoid in dog food

Eating a healthy diet is one of the best things people can do to prevent illness, age comfortably, and feel good in general.  For some reason, that philosophy doesn’t always translate to our dogs.  Within the past century, dogs went from eating real food off tables to “dog food” which may not offer that much […]

Is your dog in pain?

As animal chiropractors, we frequently see dogs in pain.  Often, an owner brings their pet in because they aren’t using stairs, aren’t jumping on or off furniture, and/or are lethargic.  When we examine their spine, the muscles often spasm and the dog is sensitive.  The owner is often shocked to see some of the indicators […]

Pumpkin Packs a Powerful Health Punch

What’s all the hype about pumpkin? Every fall (just around the corner!) we hear about all sorts of pumpkin options from drinks to food items to your holiday favorites. But did you know pumpkin is also a nutrient and fiber-rich food that could benefit your cat and dog’s health?  Most often we find pumpkin in […]

Beat Heat Hazards This Summer

This summer has been quite warm, and we can expect a slew of hot and steamy days ahead of us this August. Being prepared for the sweltering weather can make those hot days, if not cooler, at least a lot safer! Here are a few heat hazards to be prepared for as we head into […]

Golden Paste for Arthritis and Overall Health

When it comes to supplements for dogs, there are very few I recommend as frequently as golden paste.  It has many positive effects, but its primary strength is that it is an anti-inflammatory.  Inflammation is the cause of many issues, including joint pain (which I deal with as an animal chiropractor).  However,  chronic inflammation is […]

Why Is Nutrition Important?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat.’ And it’s true, good nutrition provides a base for the body to build upon. Without a good, healthy diet our bodies do not get the vital nutrients necessary to support its function and prevent disease. Health Starts in the Gut The small intestine is linked to the rest […]

10 Reasons To Try A Raw Diet

Our pets are part of our family. We love them and want the best for them. With recent concerns about fillers, preservatives, and other unknown and dangerous additives in pet food, many owners are looking for a new way to ensure they are doing what is best for their pet. One of the best ways […]

Animal Chiropractic for Senior Dogs

Aging is not easy for anyone, especially our dogs. Their back end gets weaker, it is hard to get up and down, they quit using stairs, they experience discomfort, and so much more. This can be tough for a pet owner to come to grips with. However, what if I told you animal chiropractic care […]