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Stabilizing Your Dog’s Spine

Your dog came to us in pain and limping, but after a few adjustments looks great.  This is awesome news, but now what?  As animal chiropractors, we definitely want to get your pet out of pain.  Additionally, we want to stabilize the spine so that your pet’s body resists breaking down and dealing with recurring […]

What is CBD Hemp Oil?

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first time a patient whispered that they were treating their dog with CBD hemp oil.  She equated it to smoking weed and assumed it was a bad thing.  It took all my power not to chuckle at how secretive she was being about a natural supplement.  Unfortunately, she […]

Turmeric for your dog

People often ask us what supplements we recommend for their dogs.  That is a great question that truly depends on the condition an animal presents with.  However, one supplement we recommend for pretty much any condition is turmeric.  Turmeric is a strong anti-inflammatory that helps with joint pain in addition to numerous other benefits.  It […]

Rascall the Rescue and her Arthritis

Rascal is a senior gal dealing with some arthritis and generalized discomfort. She came to see us because she was struggling with her normal activities and just didn’t have that pep in her step like she once had. Her fur mom wanted to avoid putting her on medications long term and was looking for a […]

Pain relief for pets

Our society has a habit of masking symptoms rather than addressing them.  For example, if we have knee pain we take a pain pill.  However, what does this pill really do?  It more or less tricks the body into thinking there is no problem with the knee – even though there clearly is.  Pain is […]