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Rascall the Rescue and her Arthritis

Rascal is a senior gal dealing with some arthritis and generalized discomfort. She came to see us because she was struggling with her normal activities and just didn’t have that pep in her step like she once had. Her fur mom wanted to avoid putting her on medications long term and was looking for a […]

Pain relief for pets

Our society has a habit of masking symptoms rather than addressing them.  For example, if we have knee pain we take a pain pill.  However, what does this pill really do?  It more or less tricks the body into thinking there is no problem with the knee – even though there clearly is.  Pain is […]

Guinness the Dachshund with IVDD

Meet Guinness the dachshund, he has IVDD. Guinness is just a baby and he began having some serious back pain because of the disc disease. After going to their veterinarian, Guinness was given several options including medication for now and potentially surgery later on, maybe a wheelcart, depending on his own situation. That was certainly […]

Fish Stock For Your Dog?

We often get asked what supplements we recommend for dogs.  The answer depends on the condition, but when it comes to joint issues – fish stock is a great option.  What is fish stock, what might it help, and why is it a good complementary supplement for chiropractic?  Read on to find out. What is […]

Buddy with Two Torn Cruciate Ligaments

Say hi to Buddy! Buddy here had not one, but two cruciate tears. Dealing with one is dreadful enough but to have two gives a whole new meaning to double trouble. They often times warn you about one tear potentially leading to another down the road, but having both simultaneously is not as common as […]

Arthritis in Dogs

It’s tough to watch. Your dog used to jump fences and unleash “zoomies” in the back yard. Now, he struggles to get up from laying down. Stairs? Not even in his vocabulary any more. What happened to the dog that used to play for hours on end before needing a water break? The probable culprit […]