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Golden Paste for Arthritis and Overall Health

When it comes to supplements for dogs, there are very few I recommend as frequently as golden paste.  It has many positive effects, but its primary strength is that it is an anti-inflammatory.  Inflammation is the cause of many issues, including joint pain (which I deal with as an animal chiropractor).  However,  chronic inflammation is […]

Why Is Nutrition Important?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘you are what you eat.’ And it’s true, good nutrition provides a base for the body to build upon. Without a good, healthy diet our bodies do not get the vital nutrients necessary to support its function and prevent disease. Health Starts in the Gut The small intestine is linked to the rest […]

10 Reasons To Try A Raw Diet

Our pets are part of our family. We love them and want the best for them. With recent concerns about fillers, preservatives, and other unknown and dangerous additives in pet food, many owners are looking for a new way to ensure they are doing what is best for their pet. One of the best ways […]

Animal Chiropractic for Senior Dogs

Aging is not easy for anyone, especially our dogs. Their back end gets weaker, it is hard to get up and down, they quit using stairs, they experience discomfort, and so much more. This can be tough for a pet owner to come to grips with. However, what if I told you animal chiropractic care […]

Must Have Supplements for Luxating Patella

Many small breed dog owners deal with a condition known as luxating patella (or floating kneecaps).  One day their little pup is running blissfully around the back yard then out of nowhere they come up lame.  There is usually a yelp and the affected leg rises into the air.  It is heartbreaking, especially for someone who […]

Why maintenance care for dogs?

Maintenance care is somewhat standard in “human” chiropractic.  Many people want to prevent the major issue they initially came in with from recurring.  To do this, they make periodic visits to their chiropractor and make sure everything is functioning correctly – even if they are not in a lot of pain.  It’s no different than […]

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil, specifically that derived from hemp, is catching on in the human and animal world.  It is a supplement you can get over the counter and seems to have many positive benefits.  However, many people are still nervous to use it because of the association with marijuana.  However, there is no need to stress.  […]