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Hannah the Lab and her Vestibular Condition

Say hi to Hannah! Hannah is a beautiful 15 year old chocolate lab that has been incredibly healthy her entire life. This past month Hannah began to exhibit signs of what looked like a stroke. Her head tilted, she was hardly able to walk, and her appetite was nonexistent (obviously something was wrong since she’s […]

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Princeton the Dachshund and his Disc Bulge

Take a moment to meet Princeton. This handsome fellow was diagnosed with a disc problem that suddenly came out of nowhere. He began dragging his back leg and his parents feared it wouldn’t be long before he was partially paralyzed. They were told the options were surgery, a cart, and possible euthanasia. Princeton’s parents knew […]

What is kibble?

We often get asked for nutrition advice with respect to pets.  We are by no mean experts, but we do hear a lot of things through the grape vine.  Nutrition is a super complex issue and there are many foods out there.  There is wet, freeze-dried, raw, kibble and more.  This blog’s purpose isn’t to […]

Stabilizing Your Dog’s Spine

Your dog came to us in pain and limping, but after a few adjustments looks great.  This is awesome news, but now what?  As animal chiropractors, we definitely want to get your pet out of pain.  Additionally, we want to stabilize the spine so that your pet’s body resists breaking down and dealing with recurring […]

What is CBD Hemp Oil?

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first time a patient whispered that they were treating their dog with CBD hemp oil.  She equated it to smoking weed and assumed it was a bad thing.  It took all my power not to chuckle at how secretive she was being about a natural supplement.  Unfortunately, she […]

Turmeric for your dog

People often ask us what supplements we recommend for their dogs.  That is a great question that truly depends on the condition an animal presents with.  However, one supplement we recommend for pretty much any condition is turmeric.  Turmeric is a strong anti-inflammatory that helps with joint pain in addition to numerous other benefits.  It […]