Pinched Nerve In Dogs

Belle The Beauty & Her Awful Pinched Nerve

Pinched Nerve In DogsThis is beautiful Belle. She’s pretty as a princess and gave her mom quite a fright when she was unable to lift her neck and she couldn’t stop shaking and crying. Out of nowhere, Belle wouldn’t raise her head without a big yipe of pain quickly following. She couldn’t turn her head right or left and she had no interest in eating, especially if it involved dipping her head down to do so. Uncertain about what was going on, her fur mama decided to think outside the box. She knew that she had also suffered from a bad pinched nerve before and thought maybe that was what her little girl was dealing with. Fur mama was right! Little Belle came in for her first visit in severe pain and shaking terribly. There was a ton of tension in her neck and shoulder and her little muscles were in bad spasm. Her adjustment was gentle so as not to cause additional discomfort and she did a great job. After only one adjustment, Belle was noticeably more comfortable. She went home and ate, and could move her head in all ranges of motion without crying in pain. Miss Belle had a horribly pinched nerve and after a few more adjustments her pain was completely gone and she had returned to her happy, healthy self. She continues to get adjusted to maintain all the progress she has made and to keep her body in check!

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