maintenance care

Stabilizing Your Dog's Spine

Your dog came to us in pain and limping, but after a few adjustments…
CBD hemp oil

What is CBD Hemp Oil?

I don't think I'll ever forget the first time a patient whispered…
kibble for healthy dog

Turmeric for your dog

People often ask us what supplements we recommend for their…
animal chiropractor

Why should I continue visiting the animal chiropractor?

Why would anyone continue visiting the animal chiropractor…

Rascall the Rescue and her Arthritis

Rascal is a senior gal dealing with some arthritis and generalized…
pain relief for pets

Pain relief for pets

Our society has a habit of masking symptoms rather than addressing…

Guinness the Dachshund with IVDD

Meet Guinness the dachshund, he has IVDD. Guinness is just a…
Fish stock for dogs

Fish Stock For Your Dog?

We often get asked what supplements we recommend for dogs. …

Buddy with Two Torn Cruciate Ligaments

Say hi to Buddy! Buddy here had not one, but two cruciate tears.…
Arthritis in dogs

Arthritis in Dogs

It's tough to watch. Your dog used to jump fences and unleash…

Holistic Pet Care and Chiropractic

There is a a health revolution making waves through the United…
luxating patella

Bonzi the Dog with Ear Infections and Luxating Patella

Say hello to Bonzi, and yes he is as fun of a dog as his name…
Dogs with Ear infections

Dogs With Ear Infections

Does your dog suffer with ear infections?  Don't worry, you…
pain relief for dogs

Pain Relief For Dogs

Is animal chiropractic an effective way to provide pain relief…

Senior Dogs With Mobility Issues

Natural solutions for senior dogs with mobility issues Pet owners…