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Josette The Coton and her Luxated Patellas

This gorgeous little lady is Josette. She’s a coton de tulear and since puppyhood she has struggled with limping in her back end. Come to find out Josette has luxating patella in both of her back legs, a very common condition in her breed.…
water fountain

Water fountains for Our Pets!

What are the benefits of a water fountain for your cat?                Pet water fountains are popping up in American households nationwide. Is this some type of fad, or is there an actual benefit for our furry friends? According…
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Fleas, Fleas, and more FLEAS!

Does Your Dog Have Fleas?                     Does your dog love being outside? When he hears the word “walk”, does he bounce around in pure joy? If so, there’s a chance your dog is making new friends during…
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Reverse Sneezing in Dogs

Reverse Sneezing And Your Dog – What Is It? Reverse sneezing is a common respiratory event in dogs characterized by sudden, rapid, and repeated inhalations through the nose, followed by snorts and gagging. This can be a terrifying…
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Vestibular Disease in Pets

Vestibular problems and dogs The vestibular system has an important role in the body. It is responsible for balance and spatial orientation. When there are problems with this system, a dog may display many different signs. Some of these…

Luxating Patella: What you Knee'd to Know

Luxating Patella: What you KNEED to Know!   Your dog is running across the yard to fetch his favorite ball, but suddenly pulls up lame. Without warning, he begins to hop around on three legs. After a few minutes, he finally…
essential oils

Essential Oils And Our Pets

           Our pets are an integral part of our family. I am reminded of this every time someone brings their fur baby in for an adjustment. Pet owners will do anything to ensure their little companions have the best quality of…

What Dog Breeds Are Predisposed to Back Problems?

Why do certain dog breeds suffer from back problems?   Did you know certain dog breeds are predisposed to back problems, like intervertebral disc disease, at much higher rates than others? Unfortunately, a combination of genetics,…

Potty Training Winter Tips

It’s like Christmas, but better. A new addition to the family arrived! He’s about four pounds, loves you like no one else possibly could, and is currently hiding behind a massive swath of hair frequently referred to as fur. There’s…

Why Can't Fido Have Chocolate?

Why is Chocolate Poisonous for Your Dog? Chocolate – is there anything better on the planet? It’s such a powerful force that kids will inhale the broccoli on their dinner plate so that they can prepare for dessert. Your dog loves chocolate…

Are You Ready for Winter??

Caring for Your Pets During Winter Winter brings beautiful white snow, skiing, snowboarding, and the opportunity for many more fun activities. Unfortunately, it also brings frigid weather, ice, elevated heating bills, and days where…

Vitamin D and Your Pets!

Vitamin D for Your Pets?   Well, if you’ve looked outside recently, you may have noticed winter is here. We can say goodbye to the sun for the next few months. With a lack of sun exposure comes Vitamin D deficiency -for people…

Pet Dementia: Does it Exist?

Kitty Alzheimers, puppy dementia, are these even real things? You bet your bottom dollar. Though not the exact same as the human version, animals have a similar disorder designated “Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome”. All those…

Puppies and Chiropractic Care

We’ve all experienced the joy of watching puppies play. These little furballs tumble and toss one another around like it’s their job. When they’re small, it doesn’t look as if these tiny somersaults have much of an effect on their…
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Vestibular Syndrome, Not a Stroke

Let’s talk about vestibular disease in pets. This condition mimics what many humans might think is a stroke, but fear not, it looks much worse than it actually is. We will take an in depth look at the symptoms, diagnosis, and prognosis,…