GDV Bloating
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Let's Talk Bloat - GDV

No I’m not talking about the way you feel after you’ve taken a dive head first into a gallon of ice cream or eaten an entire pizza pie, I’m talking about the terrible condition that can affect animals of all shapes and sizes. Gastric…
Structure Determines Function
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Structure Determines Function

I'm often asked WHY chiropractic is important for the body, and it's not always easy to explain, until now. The most simplistic explanations are often times the best ones, and Dr. Tully goes into detail as to why our structure, and…
Degenerative Myelopathy
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Degenerative Myelopathy: A Deeper Look Inside

Degenerative myelopathy is a disease of the spinal cord in animals, specifically dogs, that has been likened to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) in humans. According to the Veterinary Merck Manual: “Degenerative myelopathy{…}is…
Natural Pet Food
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What Is "Natural" Pet Food?

Written by Erica Cook, our resident Pet Beastro naturopathic guru.   Lately, there has been a lot of marketing of “natural” pet foods. It seems like every time you turn around there is another “natural” food on the market.…
Paw Pads & Hot Pavement
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Precious Puppy Paw Pads & Scalding Hot Pavement

Despite not actually breaking eighty degrees yet this summer, I’ve noticed on multiple occasions that the cement we walk on can seem to be like a stovetop. The science behind the heat retention is one thing and what that excessive heat…
Can My Pet Get Sunburnt
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Can My Pet Get Sunburnt?

Now that summer is right around the corner we are spending more time outside as are our animals. Whether your cat loves to lie in the sun, your dog likes to go on long walks on the beach, or your horse prefers to spend his days talking sunlit…
Homeopathic First Aid Kit
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DIY: Homeopathic First Aid Kit

Another celebrity post from our residential naturopath, Jill Tack. Spring is here and it's time to prepare for springtime more to find out how you can start up your very own homeopathic first aid kit! April 21, 2015…
What is Holistic
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What is Holistic?

The term holistic seems to be a trendy word these days. Google reveals holistic doctors, holistic dentists, holistic veterinarians, and even holistic pet food being advertised. Well I have some issue with the way this term has been stretched…
Intervertebral Disk Disease
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The Skinny On Intervertebral Disk Disease

Over the last few months a multitude of clients have come my way with a diagnosis of Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD), in various stages of progression. I’m sure part of it has to do with my profession, as an animal chiropractor…

A Spine & A House; What Do They Have In Common?

What Does Your Body Have In Common With A House? Shelter is one of the basic needs of life. A well-constructed house will protect you from thunderstorms, bugs, frigid winters, scorching summers and a multitude of other hazards. If a…
Household Poisons
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A Holistic Approach To Neighborhood & Household Poisons

With spring having sprung, it's important to watch out for all the not-so-lovely treats having been hidden under the snow. Not to mention the pesticide treatment signs that have now become regular ornaments on our daily walks...with all…
Paralysis Reversal
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Paralysis & It's Reversal

One condition that truly breaks my heart and has been receiving a bit more notice in the news is animals with paralysis. You often see or hear about dogs with three limbs, cats missing legs, and animals in wheelcarts. The last is usually…
Vitamin D

Normal Vs. Abnormal Gait

Something I've noticed a lot recently is how many animals are walking around with completely abnormal gaits and nothing is being done about it! My curiosity was peaked while watching a dog show, and it seemed several of the "top dogs" were…
Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare - Letting Off Some Steam!

Every now and again you may think to yourself that you could really use a break...Perhaps this thought crosses your mind after you've completed your fourth thirty minute play session and gone on three walks, yet your pup is still going like…
Vitamin D
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The Big "D"

No, not Detroit, we are talking about VITAMIN D! Ever wondered why your dogs nose changes color in the colder months? Or maybe you hadn't even noticed this happening...not every animal will experience a fading in his or her nose color…