Buddy with Two Torn Cruciate Ligaments

Say hi to Buddy! Buddy here had not one, but two cruciate tears. Dealing with one is dreadful enough but to have two gives a whole new meaning to double trouble. They often times warn you about one tear potentially leading to another down the road, but having both simultaneously is not as common as one might think. Buddy had surgery scheduled for less than two weeks after the first time his mom called, and we were fairly confident he would show enough improvement in that time span that hopefully the surgery could be called off.

Two weeks into care, and three adjustments later, and Buddy was already loads better than that first visit. He could weight bear, something he hadn’t been able to do for some time. He would put each back paw down for moments at a time and awkwardly hobble forward. Before he was almost skipping and putting all his weight on his front two feet because the back end was so bad and unsteady. By week four Buddy was a new dog. Though still limping, he was using his legs regularly and had begun to regain much of the muscle tone he had started to lose.

The surgery was cancelled. Fast forward to two months later and Buddy is a new dog. His mom even tells us that he is better than he was before he ever hurt himself. He is crazy, excited, jumping, and running around like he’s just a puppy again. He didn’t let two torn cruciates stop him in the first place, and he was going to show everyone who was boss. He is a rockstar, and we are certainly happy to see him doing so well! We now see him once every couple of months to make sure he is keeping steady in those back legs!


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