Sammy & Snickers

Sammy & Snickers, Where The Tales Begin

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Sammy and Snickers, two members of the Cole household and the best looking by far. We are here to tell you some stories our mom has been sharing with us about some of her patients. Now we will do…
Paralysis Reversal
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Paralysis & It's Reversal

One condition that truly breaks my heart and has been receiving a bit more notice in the news is animals with paralysis. You often see or hear about dogs with three limbs, cats missing legs, and animals in wheelcarts. The last is usually…
Pet Immunity During Winter

Normal Vs. Abnormal Gait

Something I've noticed a lot recently is how many animals are walking around with completely abnormal gaits and nothing is being done about it! My curiosity was peaked while watching a dog show, and it seemed several of the "top dogs" were…
Doggy Daycare

Doggy Daycare - Letting Off Some Steam!

Every now and again you may think to yourself that you could really use a break...Perhaps this thought crosses your mind after you've completed your fourth thirty minute play session and gone on three walks, yet your pup is still going like…
Vitamin D
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The Big "D"

No, not Detroit, we are talking about VITAMIN D! Ever wondered why your dogs nose changes color in the colder months? Or maybe you hadn't even noticed this happening...not every animal will experience a fading in his or her nose color…
Incontinence & Chiropractic
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Why Does An Adjustment Help With Incontinence?

Normally I like to write about things that don't necessarily directly pertain to chiropractic, however, this post will be a bit different. Lately I've had multiple patients come to me struggling with incontinence issues. These are animals…
What Should I Be Feeding My Cat
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HELP! What Should I Be Feeding My Cat?

A common problem I've come across as of late seems to be fussy cats. Cats that have been around for at least a decade, eating the same food for their entire lives, all of a sudden want nothing to do with their regimen and simply demand…
Lavender Oil
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Lavender Oil: Calms & Heals Without The Ouch

One of my favorite topics as of late is essential oils. Now I know what you may be thinking, it's a bit farfetched to expect an oil to do anything outside of cooking and being well, oily, and you couldn't be more wrong. Essential oils…
Salt On Dogs Paws

Salting Your Drive; A Pain That CAUSES Pain In Your Pup

During these winter months we do everything in our power to avoid slip and falls on the ice. We get up early to plow the driveway (whether by shovel or blower) so we can go about our day. Sometimes if it's sunny enough we get lucky and that…
Protecting Against Pet Frostbite
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Frostbite: What You Need To Do To Protect Your Furry Friend

Being in the Michigan area we all know how cold it can get during the winter, so we bundle up. Did you ever think how important it is to bundle up your animal too? All those coats, sweaters, and boots aren't just to be fashionable, they…
Pet Immunity During Winter
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Building Your Pet's Immunity This Winter...

One thing I've learned this winter is that our own pets get colds and flus no different than their owners. I know this because my poor little man, Mowgli, came home from a weekend at the kennel with a productive cough, stuffy nose, fever,…