Sammy & Snickers

Sammy & Snickers, Where The Tales Begin

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Sammy and Snickers, two members of the Cole household and the best looking by far. We are here to tell you some stories our mom has been sharing with us about some of her patients. Now we will do…
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Vestibular Disease in Pets

Vestibular problems and dogs The vestibular system has an important role in the body. It is responsible for balance and spatial orientation. When there are problems with this system, a dog may display many different signs. Some of these…

Potty Training Winter Tips

It’s like Christmas, but better. A new addition to the family arrived! He’s about four pounds, loves you like no one else possibly could, and is currently hiding behind a massive swath of hair frequently referred to as fur. There’s…

Are You Ready for Winter??

Caring for Your Pets During Winter Winter brings beautiful white snow, skiing, snowboarding, and the opportunity for many more fun activities. Unfortunately, it also brings frigid weather, ice, elevated heating bills, and days where…

The Importance of Proper Alignment

What does alignment have to do with anything? This is a question that gets asked at least daily in our chiropractic practice. Our answer is simple; alignment has to do with everything. We realize this may sound like a bit of an exaggeration,…
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Myasthenia Gravis: A More Detailed Look Inside

Myasthenia Gravis is likely something you have heard in humans, but are perhaps unfamiliar with in animals. Much like the majority of human diseases and conditions, it is seen across species - although it may present itself a bit differently.…
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Diabetes Mellitus: Natural Prevention and Protection

When one thinks of diabetes mellitus (Type II Diabetes), the mind does not naturally wander to our pets. The rate of diabetes among humans is skyrocketing, but did you know the same is happening in the pet community? Our pets are reflections…
lick granuloma
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The Lick Granuloma: Redness, Swelling, And Lesions Oh MY!

The Lick Granuloma Story: One minute everything looks fine and the next your pets paw is red, oozing pus, and angrily inflamed. How did you not notice this? There’s a huge red lesion (a lick granuloma) on the foot that appears to have…
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Glucosamine, The Joint Saver

Is it ever too early to start supporting your pet’s joint health? Certainly not! Being a pet owner, you have probably heard of the supplement glucosamine, however, you might have thought this was only needed in elderly animals. You…
Urinary Incontinence
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Urinary Incontinence...A Structural Issue?

Urinary incontinence is something that happens much more often than pet owners realize, and could perhaps be helped through alternative therapies rather than more drastic conventional measures. Whether your pet is elderly or a young stud,…
Aggression vs Pain in Dogs

Aggression vs. Pain

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of misunderstanding when it comes to “aggression” in animals.They get blacklisted as aggressive, fearful, and even mean, when in reality only a portion of these animals have those behavioral traits.…