Shepherd & Arthritis

Lucky The Rescue Shepherd & His Arthritis

Shepherd ArthritisHello handsome! This here is Lucky, and that’s what we consider ourselves for having gotten to know him. Lucky is a german shepherd mix of some sort and one of the sweetest furballs our mom has ever worked on. He is a senior and his fur mama was worried about his slowing down and not being able to move as much as he had been. He has a lot of arthritis and very little cushioning in his joints, especially his knee and elbows where it’s practically bone on bone. One can imagine how a lack of fluid in those joints could really cause some pain. She first got in touch with our mom during one of the worst Michigan winters ever and poor Lucky was having a rough time getting around. Throughout his adjustments, Lucky has continued to do amazing. He definitely has his slow days and some are worse than others, but all in all he has managed to keep moving and always seems to move better after he gets treated. He even continues to go camping with his mom and if he’s feeling really great will go for a ride in the car and a walk at Belle Isle. Lucky is a lucky guy himself because his fur mama goes above and beyond to make sure he has the best of the best. When he gets adjusted, you can actually see the relief in his face and he visibly calms. Lucky and our mom have developed a special bond and she really holds him dear, she is ecstatic that he has managed to make it through two tough winters and still has some spring in his step!

Dog Shaky Leg

Ellie The Saint & Her Shaky Leg

Dog Shaky LegThis is sweet baby girl Ellie. Ellie is in her later years but don’t let her age fool you. This girl is smart, stunning, and active as all get out. She continues to go to obedience classes to keep her mind sharp (though she really is a peach and could probably teach the class herself)! She is a good listener and an even better snuggler. Ellie started seeing us to help with her shaky back leg. At her first visit, our mom noticed Ellie had a great deal of twitching and sensitivity in her spine. She had a neurological response while being stroked that even caused her to lift her back leg and seem to itch. After a few adjustments, this response had completely gone and the shaking had gone down quite a bit. Ellie had been doing stairs and even jumped into the car, which she had been avoiding. Though her back leg does shake on a regular basis, the severity of the shake and frequency has improved. Her twitchiness is nearly nonexistent and her energy level is as good as ever. She will still take a night of snuggling any day of the week, but she won’t say no to a nice walk to enjoy this cold weather!

Pitt Cruciate Tear

Lola The Pitt Mix & Her Cruciate Tear

Pitt Cruciate TearMeet Lola. Lola was one of our moms first clients to come to her with a cruciate ligament tear. She arrived at the office with a bad limp, not putting much weight on her hind limb at all, and when she did there was a constant shake to her. Lola appeared to be quite sore and in a bit of pain, and the worst part was she didn’t even want to go on her walks anymore….one of her favorite activities. After deliberating over her options, Lola’s mom decided to give chiropractic a try for her baby girl rather than jump into surgery. Afterall, Lola is more of a senior dog and if she could avoid having to go under the knife that made her mom very happy. Needless to say Lola has become one of our mom’s absolute favorite girls. She improved leaps and bounds with each visit. Despite being considered senior, Lola recovered very quickly. With each adjustment her walks had lengthened, the shaking decreased, the strength returned to her back legs, and she was putting more and more weight on that hind limb. Several months after starting care, Lola had made a full recovery. She now walks completely normal, her energy level is back to what it was, and she continues to harass her mom for her favorite thing ever…WALKS! We are so happy with how far this little lovebug has come.

Lab Struggle With Seizures

Bella The Lab & Her Struggle With Seizures

Lab Struggle With SeizuresOur latest and greatest accomplishment involves a labrador having seizures on a nightly basis. Now this pup had no history of trauma, disease, or issues in general, then out of nowhere she started having seizures every night. Her mom was so very concerned as she was a bit older and these seizures would last anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes. It seemed as though the pup was aware of herself but had no control of what her body was doing. Needless to say her mom was looking for anything that might help her baby, so she turned to our mom for chiropractic care.

Her first adjustment went very well, and was advised to be seen a bit more often because of her condition. The good news comes when we tell you that she has been adjusted four times, and by her fourth visit her mom reported that she was down to one seizure a week, that lasted about 5 minutes, and that the pup seemed much more in control than she was previously. Her mom has seen what chiropractic did for her baby and continues to have her adjusted for protection. Our mommy hopes that after a few more adjustments she will be seizure-free, and continue to improve while living out the rest of her long and happy life!

Arthritis In Labs

Max The Lab & His Trouble With Arthritis

MaxCheck out Max, he’s one heck of a sweetie pie and is always smiling from ear to ear. Max is getting up there in age and he’s got multiple levels of arthritis in his spine as well as some blocked vertebrae. With a history of spinal problems his veterinarian felt like chiropractic would be a perfect addition to his healthcare regimen. They could not have been more correct. Max was very slow moving at first, had difficulty getting up, and was unable to get in and out of the car. After his first adjustment, he left the office and nearly jumped into the car (either because he was feeling great or he just wanted to get out of the office that bad). Regardless it was something that had not happened in quite some time. Over the next few weeks Max was like a new dog. With each day he continues to improve. When he sees our mom he’s a happy guy, has very little trouble getting up and down, and even moves a bit quicker. Overall Max is a happy guy and his parents are excited to see a bit more of his puppiness come back in his older years.

Dog Painful Back End

Javier The Pitbull & His Painful Back End

JavierHugheyWe cannot believe how many wonderful things have happened lately with our mom’s patients. After she gave a talk at a chiropractic center, Javier decided to try chiropractic care. Javier is a rescue dog with a not-so-nice backstory. By only 8 weeks he had incurred thousands of dollars in veterinary bills because he was a victim of dog fighting. His rescue mom didn’t hesitate to do whatever it took to help him live. Now, at 1.5 years old, Javier is as sweet as can be but unfortunately has never had quite the pep in his step that a young pit puppy should. He’d been xrayed twice and told that he possibly had hip dysplasia and already early signs of arthritis. When his mom heard our mom talking, she thought maybe chiropractic could help him out. Well, she was right. Javier definitely had some issues with his hips, however, they were coming from a fixated pelvis. After his first adjustment, Javier’s mom said he’s been walking better and longer daily, he’s got tons more energy, and he’s actually jumping on furniture and running up and down stairs. She couldn’t believe her eyes and is so excited to see her pup finally feel the way a puppy should!

Lab Arthritis Pain

Maggie The Lab & Her Struggle With Arthritis Pain

Lab Arthritis PainMeet Maggie, a beautiful chocolate lab with many years under her furry belt. Maggie first started seeing our mom because her own fur family was hoping to help her feel a little bit better in her older years. It wasn’t long before that happened, in fact minutes after her first adjustment Maggie was able to get up easier than she had in months. Being a prized pup in her younger years, Maggie has lead a fantastic life and is surrounded by her own children, now also in their later years of life. Maggie was having a lot of trouble with walking, stairs, and getting up and down. She had a great deal of arthritis all throughout her body and was overall achy as could be. The first two days after getting adjusted Maggie had begun to transform. She may be a bit slower but boy does she have pep in her step. Stairs are no longer as big of an issue and she can get up and down with much more ease. She’s walking like a champ and thoroughly enjoys her car rides to come see our mom. Through ongoing care she’s being kept in great shape and couldn’t be more full of puppy smiles. We love hearing about Maggie and how she’s doing, and we know her fur family is ecstatic to have their old girl back!

Saint Bernard Spondylosis

Moses and Tiara, Saint Bernards & The Struggle With Spondylosis

Saint Bernard Spondylosis
Meet Moses and Tiara, two gentle giants that are nothing but love and snuggles. Though not considered elderly by small dog standards, these two are up in years according to their breed. They are well taken care of fur babies, and in addition to massage their fur mama decided chiropractic may help improve their lives even more, and she was right! Moses and Tiara were quick to respond, both improving with each adjustment. Moses is a big teddy bear who loves bellyrubs post-adjustment (who can blame him), while Tiara took a bit more time to warm up. Tiara has severe spondylosis and arthritis throughout her body, she suffers from chronic ear infections and is overall a bit more anxious than most. After a few adjustments, Tiara had begun to show more of her puppy-side again. Feeling good and having increased mobility in her spine has allowed her to be more playful and be less exhausted. Moses on the other hand is like a born again puppy. His energy levels have gone through the roof since starting care and when it comes to tumbling and running, he is king. These two love their chiropractic visits and after each one they have a nice long nap and snuggle fest. Our mom loves them very much and is happy to have been able to help them both feel and function better!

Shepherd Arthritis Pain

Stoli The Shepherd & Her Arthritis Pain

Shepherd Arthritis PainThis is Stoli. Stoli is a rescue pup and is 13 years young. One day her mom came home to her limping terribly, crying in pain, and just not wanting to do much of anything. It seemed like every movement caused her pain and she was really not able to live her life the way she should. After visiting the vet and getting some xrays, Stoli’s mom was told her little girl had arthritis and that this was the way things would be. She could put her on more medication but that was it. Luckily Stoli’s mom heard about ours from a friend and decided to give chiropractic a try for her little girl. After her first adjustment Stoli started to show marked signs of improvement. She was walking better, her limp was gone, and she even showed some enthusiasm for playtime outside. As her care continued, she also progressed positively. Within a month of starting care, Stoli was able to run and play like she hadn’t in quite some time. This little girl does get sore after overdoing it, but boy does she feel better and everyone around her can tell. Not too shabby for a 13 year old!

Rottie Arthritis

Katie The Rottie & Her Arthritis

Rottie Arthritis

It’s about time that we talk about this little girl…what can we say, Katie is a lovebug and then some more. She is a hurricane Katrina rescue and is loved so immensely you’d never know she was homeless for some time. Being from the South, you may think that Katie liked to take her time and live life on the slow side, but you’d be wrong. Katie could keep up with the best of them in her day, and looked good doing it! So when she started to slow down this past winter, her fur mama got worried, this wasn’t the Katie she knew. Stairs, cars, and even walks started to become difficult and sometimes unmanageable. Katie had resigned to staying on one level and sleeping, a lot. It made her family sad to see her in pain, so they decided to look into more options for their girl. Now Katie does have significant arthritis and takes supplements and medicine to help manage any discomfort from the inflammation, but they just weren’t cutting it alone. After her first few adjustments, Katie began doing the stairs again, quickly. Jumping up and down, going on longer walks, and wanting to play were all part of her normal routine again. Even when she had a bit of a setback from a move to a house with A LOT of stairs, Katie bounced back with a change in her care plan and her daily routine. She smiles from ear to ear when she gets adjusted and of course makes our mom happy as a clam to see her living life without pain or discomfort. With each adjustment, Katie has improved, and she always loves the extra belly rubs she gets during “Katie time”.