Cruciate Tear

Diamond The Hunter & Her Cruciate Tear

Cruciate TearThis is Diamond. She is a sweetpea that is 14 years old. This past winter she ended up partially tearing one of her cruciate ligaments. Poor thing was hobbling around on three legs and could barely put any weight on the fourth. It didn’t seem to bother her too much but her fur mama was concerned. After getting some radiographs to confirm nothing was broken, she started getting adjusted. Within a couple of adjustments Diamond was weight bearing and able to walk on all fours without much trouble. She was shaky at first but quickly began to rebuild her muscle memory and stabilize. She continues to get adjusted to help her in her older years and to maintain the structure and mobility she worked so hard to build. Diamond loves going on her daily walks with her fur mama, and we are so happy she can do so pain-free and on all four legs!

Lab Mild Paralysis

Archie The Lab & His Mild Paralysis

Lab Mild Paralysis

This handsome gentleman to your left is none another than Archibald. Archibald just celebrated his 14th birthday and doesn’t look a day over 10. He gave his mom a bad scare a couple of months ago when he all of a sudden was unable to use his back legs. They weren’t functioning, he couldn’t get a grip, and he was dragging them when he tried to pull himself up. He was even having a difficult time feeling pain sensation in the one paw, which is not a good thing. Our mom found him to have a great deal going on. He had a lot of structural shifts within his spine, starting in his neck and going all the way down to his pelvis. His levels of sensitivity were through the roof and you could see that his fur was almost jumping off of him when you touched certain places. We are quite happy to report that Archibald began walking again after his first adjustment. Since he’s been under care his mom tells us that he has even been getting in and out of the car a bit more often and seems to have a touch more energy. He is much more comfortable in his daily routine and his sensitivity levels have dropped to normal. Archie is one happy man and we couldn’t be happier that our mom could help him feel more like himself!