Scooter and his Constant Constipation!

Scooter is not only handsome but also sassy. You may not notice him at first glance but he’s the dark shadow snuggled up to his brother Rocket. This 22-year-old boy has been around the majority of our lifetime and he doesn’t look a day over 18! It’s hard to believe he could legally drink in human years…and makes us happy to see what good nutrition and lots of love can do for our pets.


Our buddy Scooter was dealing with a serious problem…one that needed to resolve or he could be in serious trouble. Scooter couldn’t go potty. He would strain and strain and yet nothing would come of it. He was beginning to show signs of pain from being constipated, and no matter how many supplements he was given, this boy just couldn’t get the job done on a regular basis. Since his nutrition and everything else checked out, we figured trying chiropractic couldn’t hurt as well.


Well we couldn’t be happier that we did. Within a couple of hours of Scooter’s first adjustment he was able to have a solid poop without straining. This pattern has continued since the first adjustment, and he’s been able to hold them for much longer than before. Scooter gets adjusted once each month and that seems to be about as long as he can go before his sacral nerves start slowing down in their response time. With each adjustment, we get the happiest reports of good poops for weeks to come. So happy we can help make this seniors day a little easier!

Sweet Cyda and her Constipation

Meet Cyda- this sweet Siamese cat is one we can’t help but adore. She’s dealt with a great deal of issues recently but one of them is no longer a problem…her constipation! Cyda has dealt with limping in both her back and front end, and several months ago it was due to her being “backed up”. This is a more common problem than most of us realize, and getting her to go made all the difference!


Cyda came to us because she was limping in both her back and front end. Last time this occurred it was because she hadn’t been able to poop. Her nerves controlling her ability to contract her bowels weren’t working properly and in turn this also affected the nerves controlling her back legs. Within an hour of her first adjustment Cyda was able to have a proper movement without straining.


Since then, we’ve know moved focus to the greater issue at hand which is really her front end, however that is a tale for another time. Right now, we want to say how happy we are that this baby girl hasn’t had any more bathroom issues. The straining is gone and she goes regularly without trouble! Her hind end is strong and she shows no weakness. This just goes to show how all the nerves work together, and when something is impacted (whether that be literally or figuratively) everything can be altered!

Chihuahua Paraplegia Struggle

Jalapeno The Chihuahua & Her Paraplegia Struggle

Chihuahua Paraplegia StruggleHello lovely Jalapeno! Jalapeno is a stunning little Chihuahua with a diva walk and so much love to spare. Needless to say, when she started to lose all control of her hind limbs, her mom and dad were worried. She couldn’t bring her paws back to normal after being curled under, she could only drag herself around, and her bowel control was iffy at best. Everything had happened quickly and no one knew what exactly was happening. It was suspected that this little chichi bomb may have had a disc rupture, but nothing was certain. After her very first adjustment, Jalapeno began to feel and move better. She began to regain control of her hind limbs and was walking without dragging herself. Though her gait is still wobbly and occasionally she has accidents in the house, Jalapeno has come lightyears from where she started. Her parents have even shown our mom video of miss Jalapeno being told it’s time for her chiropractic appointment and she lights up with excitement. Though not 100%, Jalapeno is proof of what chiropractic and loving parents can do for the little guy, or in this case, girl.

Cat Constipation, Allergies & Digestive Issues

Figaro The Cat – Constipation, Allergies & Digestive Issues

Cat Constipation,     Allergies & Digestive IssuesThis is Figaro. Figaro is a sixteen year old domestic short hair with a healthy attitude and disdain for all things furry (besides himself). He has struggled with digestive issues, allergies, skin problems, excessive dander, and constipation for quite some time. When he first started seeing our mom, Figaro had already made drastic improvements from several months of nutritional change. His allergies went away, dander went down, and his skin was better than ever. He couldn’t quite get over the hump of his lingering digestive problems that were causing him to vomit fairly regularly and his constipation. These last two things caused his mom to seek out chiropractic care. During his exam, our mom found several structural shifts within Figaro’s spine and extremities. After his first adjustment, Figaro began showing improvement. First his digestive problems began to resolve. By his third adjustment, he no longer had any constipation, his allergies were nonexistent, and his vomiting was down to a healthy hairball monthly. We couldn’t be more excited for our feline friend, and are quite glad he’s no longer throwing up daily!

Pug Constipation & Back Pain

Winston The Pug & His Struggle With Constipation & Back Pain

Pug Constipation & Back PainToday we’d like to talk about a very special pug named Winston. Winston was introduced to our mom because he just wasn’t acting like himself as of late. His tail was drooping, he was a little mopey, he was constipated, and stairs were no longer an option for this little guy. His fur mama was quite concerned and was referred to ours to get some help through chiropractic. Winston was a sweet little man who was incredibly calm and collected. He had a lot of weakness in his back legs and quite a few tender spots that our mom found. He did great getting adjusted and his body responded fantastically. Despite being a teenager, Winston suddenly felt good enough to use the stairs, surprising his own mama when he showed up behind her in the laundry room (down an entire flight of stairs without any help!). He was able to use the bathroom and his little curly tail even popped up. His mom could tell he was doing much better. Winston is an excellent patient and continues to improve with each of his visits.