Chihuahua Cruciate Tear

Zoey The Chihuahua & Her Cruciate Tear

Chihuahua Cruciate TearZoey here is one of the cutest chi-chi bombs we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She has eyes the size of olives and her tail is always wagging, even when she’s nervous. Now when Zoey first came to the office, she was walking on three legs and had been doing so for months. Why? Well poor Zoey had decided to play a little too hard last winter and took some nasty spills that led her to tear a cruciate ligament in her back leg. After two months of medication and no improvement, her fur parents were at a loss of what to try next. She wasn’t improving, and though she didn’t seem to be in pain, they couldn’t bear to see her be a tripod for the rest of her life if there was something more that could be done. Chiropractic, then, was the next logical choice. Zoey came in nervous as can be and visibly began to relax during her adjustment. Her back leg had a great deal of muscle atrophy, scar tissue, and limited mobility. On top of everything else she had luxating patella in that same leg. With all these components, we knew it would take some time to help her body recover from her injury. Her knee had likely been unstable for months if not years because of the floating kneecap, potentially being the real cause of that cruciate tear. After her third adjustment, Zoey began to use her back leg more and more often. As her muscle started to strengthen, the patella began to stay in place, and the cruciate was finally able to heal fully, which it wasn’t able to do originally. After three months of care, Zoey is back to full function. Her kneecap is stationary, her muscles have evened out when compared to the opposite leg, and the little stinker even runs with her fur siblings like a maniac. She’s cute as a bug and finally able to live back up to her full potential, both pain and symptom free without any medication!

One Month Progress Report

Two Month Progress Report

Dog Shoulder and Hip Pain

Reed the Airedale with Shoulder and Hip Pain

Dog Shoulder and Hip PainMeet Reed the Airedale. Reed here is edging into his senior years and will be turning twelve this year. When he began to limp and not put weight on his foot, his mom was worried he may be aging a bit too fast for her or his liking. The limp had been going on for about a week and his limb was tender to touch, while at the same time his lower back was also appearing quite weak.

When his fur mom first brought him to our mom, she suspected he had a pretty severe nerve impingement right from the getgo. The limp was bad and he was compensating for this all over the rest of his body. After his first, very gentle, adjustment, Reed began to show huge signs of improvement. He was putting weight on his foot and his pain levels had reduced drastically. After his second visit Reed was like a new dog, not only had the limp completely disappeared, but also his pain was nonexistent and his back end appeared to have grown stronger. By his third visit his mom told ours that Reed was acting like a puppy and she hadn’t seen him have such good energy levels for quite some time. Now he gets seen to help keep his body in tip-top shape and maintain his puppy like attitude. We absolutely adore Reed and love seeing his little beard and big smile every month!

Pitt Cruciate Tear

Lola The Pitt Mix & Her Cruciate Tear

Pitt Cruciate TearMeet Lola. Lola was one of our moms first clients to come to her with a cruciate ligament tear. She arrived at the office with a bad limp, not putting much weight on her hind limb at all, and when she did there was a constant shake to her. Lola appeared to be quite sore and in a bit of pain, and the worst part was she didn’t even want to go on her walks anymore….one of her favorite activities. After deliberating over her options, Lola’s mom decided to give chiropractic a try for her baby girl rather than jump into surgery. Afterall, Lola is more of a senior dog and if she could avoid having to go under the knife that made her mom very happy. Needless to say Lola has become one of our mom’s absolute favorite girls. She improved leaps and bounds with each visit. Despite being considered senior, Lola recovered very quickly. With each adjustment her walks had lengthened, the shaking decreased, the strength returned to her back legs, and she was putting more and more weight on that hind limb. Several months after starting care, Lola had made a full recovery. She now walks completely normal, her energy level is back to what it was, and she continues to harass her mom for her favorite thing ever…WALKS! We are so happy with how far this little lovebug has come.

Doodle Cruciate Tear

Copper The Doodle & His Cruciate Tear

Doodle Cruciate Tear

Well we apologize for the delay in updates, our mom has been incredibly busy and there is much to tell. Let’s start with our first success story, a little dog named “Copper”. Copper is a doodle, he’s eleven years young and has had a history of on/off limping. Every time he has an episode the limp had gone away within a few hours. Not this time though. Copper came in from outside with one of his hind legs hiked up entirely. He wouldn’t put any weight on it at all and was hobbling to and fro. His mom and dad were quite worried so they took him to the vet, and the vet wasn’t quite sure what was causing Copper’s issue either.  He prescribed pain pills and anti-inflammatories and told them if that didn’t work they’d maybe want to look into surgery.

Well Copper’s parents had no interest in surgery, afterall Copper is a bit older and exploratory surgery just didn’t sound like a great idea. They had seen chiropractors for quite some time and figured maybe Copper had something like a pinched nerve causing the leg lift. This is where our mom comes in, she was called out to look at Copper and see what she could do. She explained that though it would take some time, Copper looked like a run of the mill case. He had multiple structural shifts throughout his lower back and pelvis leading to inflammation and muscular spasm.

Little by little, adjustment after adjustment, Copper started putting his foot down. After his sixth adjustment Copper had gone from refusing to use that fourth limb to 95% back to normal. Our mom recommends he continue to get checked on a monthly basis so as to protect him from having another incident. This little guy did great and his mom and dad couldn’t be happier!

Beagle Cruciate Tear

Diego The Beagle & His Cruciate Tear

Beagle Cruciate TearThis curious little beagle you see here is called Diego, and he lives up to that saucy name. He is a huge sweet pea that had a rough go this winter. After a few slip and falls he actually ended up tearing one of his cruciate ligaments, making his hind end very unstable and incredibly difficult to walk with all four legs, so he managed on three. Now as much of a trooper as Diego was, his mom was worried about him and took him to see the veterinarian. Her options seemed pretty limited…surgery, pain medication, or nothing at all. She took matters into her own hands and decided to try an alternative route that involved homeopathy, essential oils, and chiropractic care. It was a big commitment but even after his first adjustment he showed huge improvement. In fact, while in the room he went from having a divot in his back to a near straightened topline, it was pretty amazing. Though he continued to gimp around for a couple of months there was no doubt some major improvements were happening. After about two and a half months of treatment, Diego walked into our mom’s office on all four legs without even the slightest hint of a limp. We were excited, our mom was excited, his naturopath was excited, his mom was excited, and Diego really just wanted to celebrate with a margarita. Another story with a happy ending, Diego continues to get treated to maintain his stability and help prevent another episode from occurring!

Shepherd Cruciate Tear

Harlow The Shepherd & His Cruciate Tear

Shepherd Cruciate TearThis handsome guy is one of the gentlest giants our mom has ever met. Harlow is still in his adolescent years and he’s kept on his toes thanks to his sister Peyton and his fur parents. This past winter Harlow started having some weakness and pain in his back. His mom noticed a big issue when they were playing in the yard one day and he jumped up only to fall down on his hind end and yipe in pain. He became quite listless and lethargic and she knew something was up, and having met our mom a few months earlier, decided to give her a call. Since his first couple adjustments, Harlow has not had another episode of weakness or pain. He has stabilized and is able to play just as hard as before without issue. His fur mama loves him a great deal and loves that he is able to play and live to his fullest potential!

Saint Bernard Spondylosis

Moses and Tiara, Saint Bernards & The Struggle With Spondylosis

Saint Bernard Spondylosis
Meet Moses and Tiara, two gentle giants that are nothing but love and snuggles. Though not considered elderly by small dog standards, these two are up in years according to their breed. They are well taken care of fur babies, and in addition to massage their fur mama decided chiropractic may help improve their lives even more, and she was right! Moses and Tiara were quick to respond, both improving with each adjustment. Moses is a big teddy bear who loves bellyrubs post-adjustment (who can blame him), while Tiara took a bit more time to warm up. Tiara has severe spondylosis and arthritis throughout her body, she suffers from chronic ear infections and is overall a bit more anxious than most. After a few adjustments, Tiara had begun to show more of her puppy-side again. Feeling good and having increased mobility in her spine has allowed her to be more playful and be less exhausted. Moses on the other hand is like a born again puppy. His energy levels have gone through the roof since starting care and when it comes to tumbling and running, he is king. These two love their chiropractic visits and after each one they have a nice long nap and snuggle fest. Our mom loves them very much and is happy to have been able to help them both feel and function better!

Cruciate Tear

Diamond The Hunter & Her Cruciate Tear

Cruciate TearThis is Diamond. She is a sweetpea that is 14 years old. This past winter she ended up partially tearing one of her cruciate ligaments. Poor thing was hobbling around on three legs and could barely put any weight on the fourth. It didn’t seem to bother her too much but her fur mama was concerned. After getting some radiographs to confirm nothing was broken, she started getting adjusted. Within a couple of adjustments Diamond was weight bearing and able to walk on all fours without much trouble. She was shaky at first but quickly began to rebuild her muscle memory and stabilize. She continues to get adjusted to help her in her older years and to maintain the structure and mobility she worked so hard to build. Diamond loves going on her daily walks with her fur mama, and we are so happy she can do so pain-free and on all four legs!