Doxie Disc Disease

Cooper The Doxie & His Journey With Disc Disease

Doxie Disc DiseaseThis is Cooper, an adorable doxie. Cooper came to our mom a couple months back because he was having pretty bad back pain and was taking various medication to help manage it. His parents thought there had to be something else they could do for their little guy, and then they found our mom. Cooper had had some xrays taken that showed some disc compression in his mid and lower back, and unfortunately he was in a bit of pain. Cooper had to be seen fairly often at first but with each adjustment he improved. Little by little the Coop of old began to shine through, whether it was a longer walk, a wagging tail, or a more playful attitude, you could tell he was starting to feel better. At his last visit, Cooper came in excited and left just as excited, and everyone could see a huge change. He was finally back to his old self, and continues to get into doxie trouble with his sister Stella!

Beagle Pinched Nerve

Maggie The Beagle & Her Pinched Nerve

Beagle Pinched NerveJust in case you hadn’t gotten enough Maggie news, we decided to make today a double feature. This is Maggie the beagle, and isn’t she CUTE! Maggie is still a young pup and is deeply loved by everyone who meets her. She’s a big fan of kisses and when she started having pain and trouble walking, going up stairs, and not wanting to go on walks, her mom knew something was up. Not long after a day of doggy daycare, Maggie was tucking her tail and obviously in a great deal of discomfort. Not wanting to have her little girl constantly on pain medication, her fur mama decided to do some research and found our mom. After her first adjustment Maggie’s tail quickly un-tucked and a smile spread across her face. Her mom said even then she seemed more herself and that she was better then than she had been in several days. At her second adjustment the good news continued to pour in. She was happier, walking better, had stopped side-winding, and that tail hadn’t taken one break from being up in the air. This puppy has much to smile about, and now she can enjoy her daycare days pain-free, and also comforted knowing that if she does get into a bit of a tumble, her doggy chiropractor will get her back in tip top shape!

Saint Bernard Spondylosis

Moses and Tiara, Saint Bernards & The Struggle With Spondylosis

Saint Bernard Spondylosis
Meet Moses and Tiara, two gentle giants that are nothing but love and snuggles. Though not considered elderly by small dog standards, these two are up in years according to their breed. They are well taken care of fur babies, and in addition to massage their fur mama decided chiropractic may help improve their lives even more, and she was right! Moses and Tiara were quick to respond, both improving with each adjustment. Moses is a big teddy bear who loves bellyrubs post-adjustment (who can blame him), while Tiara took a bit more time to warm up. Tiara has severe spondylosis and arthritis throughout her body, she suffers from chronic ear infections and is overall a bit more anxious than most. After a few adjustments, Tiara had begun to show more of her puppy-side again. Feeling good and having increased mobility in her spine has allowed her to be more playful and be less exhausted. Moses on the other hand is like a born again puppy. His energy levels have gone through the roof since starting care and when it comes to tumbling and running, he is king. These two love their chiropractic visits and after each one they have a nice long nap and snuggle fest. Our mom loves them very much and is happy to have been able to help them both feel and function better!

Rottie Arthritis

Katie The Rottie & Her Arthritis

Rottie Arthritis

It’s about time that we talk about this little girl…what can we say, Katie is a lovebug and then some more. She is a hurricane Katrina rescue and is loved so immensely you’d never know she was homeless for some time. Being from the South, you may think that Katie liked to take her time and live life on the slow side, but you’d be wrong. Katie could keep up with the best of them in her day, and looked good doing it! So when she started to slow down this past winter, her fur mama got worried, this wasn’t the Katie she knew. Stairs, cars, and even walks started to become difficult and sometimes unmanageable. Katie had resigned to staying on one level and sleeping, a lot. It made her family sad to see her in pain, so they decided to look into more options for their girl. Now Katie does have significant arthritis and takes supplements and medicine to help manage any discomfort from the inflammation, but they just weren’t cutting it alone. After her first few adjustments, Katie began doing the stairs again, quickly. Jumping up and down, going on longer walks, and wanting to play were all part of her normal routine again. Even when she had a bit of a setback from a move to a house with A LOT of stairs, Katie bounced back with a change in her care plan and her daily routine. She smiles from ear to ear when she gets adjusted and of course makes our mom happy as a clam to see her living life without pain or discomfort. With each adjustment, Katie has improved, and she always loves the extra belly rubs she gets during “Katie time”.

Pinched Nerve

Miko & Moses The Malamutes – Their Limping & Pinched Nerve Stories

Pinched NervePinched Nerve
Prepare yourself for two very gentle giants. Miko and Moses are some of the biggest teddy bears our mom has come across to date. Full of fluff rather than fury, these guys are snugglers and mama’s boys. Needless to say when Moses started to have extreme pain in his lower back, his parents were concerned. Thankfully, they were referred to our mom. When Moses first came to see our mom it was obvious how much pain he was in. He hardly wanted to move and would flop on the floor. Getting up was tough, and once he was up, moving was even tougher. He definitely had the symptoms of a pinched nerve, and getting adjusted was just what he needed. After his first adjustment you could already tell he was feeling better. Able to get up and down, and go about his day again, Moses was getting back to his normal self. His fur parents were ecstatic, especially his fur mama. She had been very worried about her big boy, and certainly didn’t want him to be taking medication for a prolonged period of time. As Moses was improving, his fur mama thought it was time for Miko to get adjusted as well and make it a family affair. Now Miko is a touch bigger than Moses, and definitely more laidback. He had been dealing with a clicking shoulder for some time and nothing seemed to help. It was especially bad when he was going upstairs. Not only was his shoulder clicking, it was causing some muscle spasm around that joint, and overall just slowing this big boy down. Big boys play rough and fall hard, so each time he would rough house with his brother and sisters, he’d have to call it quits a bit sooner. It didn’t seem to bother him too much, however, his fur mama knew it wasn’t good. After a few adjustments, Miko’s shoulder no longer clicked and the pep was returned to his step. Miko and Moses are just two of our moms loves, and she’s so happy she’s been able to help them feel and function better!

Animal Paralysis Improvement

Cookie, Her 4 Year Paralysis & It’s Improvement

Animal Paralysis ImprovementMeet Cookie. She is one heck of a gal. This pitbull is nine years old and loves to give kisses in excess. Cookie has had partial hind end paralysis for at least four years of her life. It happened out of nowhere several years ago and she’s never fully recovered. At the time her fur parents were told she had disc issues and they should go see a specialist, so they did. The specialist veterinarian told them if he were to operate on her, she would most likely come out worse than when she started. So her parents decided to let her be and see how she would function. Well, here we are four years later and she’s still happy as a clam. Cookie walks using her front limbs and with the help of a support underneath her belly. She can still move her back legs somewhat but has a lot of trouble getting her grip and strength up. She falls often and has trouble getting up and down. Her parents found our mom when they were looking for possible ways to help improve Cookie’s quality of life. Cookie has been seeing our mom now for a few months and each adjustment has proven better than the last. Most recently, in fact, Cookie’s dad commented on how Cookie was able to get up on her own and from behind she was walking without support, and he even confused her with one of his other dogs because she looked nothing like herself. She has finally been getting some sleep, and on that same note has been sleeping through the night, something she hadn’t done in years. She is actually able to walk without support on cement and on the grass, and she doesn’t fall over. Her paws are rarely curled under anymore and she seems to have a great deal more control than she has in years. Cookie is a work in progress and by no means is she one hundred percent. She has, however, come light years from where she started and we can tell she’s finally feeling more like herself. After over four years of not being able to walk, it’s nice to be able to help this lovebug reach more of her full potential. Our mom loves this spunky girl and she’s over the moon with how much she has improved under chiropractic care!

Doxie With Disc Disease

Piper, the Doxie With Disc Disease

Doxie With Disc DiseaseThis lovely little lady is Piper. Piper is a nine year old dachshund that had yet to experience any outward symptoms of pain or spinal disorder. Her fur mom had had a previous doxie that had to undergo back surgery due to intervertebral disc disease, so she knew that was always a possibility with her new baby. Piper ended up having a severe case of IVDD at two levels of her spine. Her neck at the base was tender to touch, she could not hardly lift it, and the ability to shake was out of the question. In her lower back, Piper had another level affected by IVDD that had begun to get so bad that she was walking drunkenly and wobbled. It almost seemed as though she had no control or where she was placing her legs and she was clearly unstable. Needless to say this poor little girl was in pain and uncomfortable. It was slow going at first, in fact sometimes Piper would appear just a touch most “drunken” after an adjustment. Bit by bit, however, she began to stabilize. Her muscle spasms decreased, her wobbling virtually stopped, and her pain appeared to have gone completely. She could shake after her very first adjustment and after several treatments was able to do so with her entire body, without fear that she may tumble. Jumping, stairs, running, she can do it all now with no hesitation. This little girl managed to avoid some serious problems because her fur parents were so in tune with their little girl. She continues to get adjusted to maintain all the work her little body has put in, and to help protect her from future similar issues. Yay Piper!

Beagle Disc Disease

Sofia The Beagle With Disc Disease

Beagle Disc DiseaseSofia the beagle is one of our happiest and sweetest girls. She always lights up the room upon her entrance and loves to snuggle our mom when she gets adjusted. Hard to believe that she first came to see our mom with a not-so-good diagnosis of disc disease or disc bulge, and that she may not have a good outlook. Well her parents thought there may be more options, and at the suggestion of a friend, decided to try out chiropractic for their pooch. Well miss

Sofia arrived, tail between legs, lower back really hurting, and a slight limp in the back end. She wasn’t feeling herself and her parents were worried. After her first adjustment Sofia bounced back very quickly. With each adjustment Sofia continued to improve, the limp disappeared and the pain in her back lessened. Sofia is now 100% back to her old self, if not feeling even better. She continues to visit her chiropractor in order to maintain the correct structure, something her disc disease makes somewhat difficult. She is only lovely girl and our mom is glad she could help her feel better!