Ellie The Frenchie & Her Spondylosis

EllieMertzThis big eared and bright-eyed girl is Ellie. Ellie is in the early part of her elder years and she has long dealt with spondylosis. This is a broad term used to describe several conditions in the spine, often including narrowing of the spinal canal, spinal stenosis, early stage arthritis, and overall degenerative changes leading to pain and stiffness.

In Ellie’s case, her bones had begun to fuse and the disc space that should have been between each vertebrae had narrowed tremendously. This resulted in severe arthritis in her spine and very limited range of motion. She received steroids to help her condition, and they often did, though only temporarily. As she aged, her fur mama was concerned with the repetitive use of the steroids and what that was doing to her Ellie’s body. Though not completely sold on chiropractic care, her mama decided she was willing to give it a shot to see if this alternative could help her baby girl. Ellie did wonderfully. She started to move better, became more fluid and have greater stability, and she was even able to recover quicker after a spill. She began to be more puppy like than she’d been in quite some time and this warmed everyone’s hearts. Ellie was finally able to get some relief from the severe arthritis without having to undergo any invasive procedures or be on medication constantly. Inherently, structure will determine function, so when the structure shifts away from normal, function will too. With adjustments, we have been able to restore some of the normalcy into Ellie’s spine and thus help return some higher functioning into her daily life. Ellie is truly a light in our day and we are so glad her fur mama took a chance on chiropractic, for if she hadn’t those big ears would have never been apart of our journey.

Seizures and Shakiness

Fluke the Hound and his Struggle with Seizures and Shakiness

Dog Seizures and ShakinessThis handsome fellow is Fluke. He is part great dane and part hound, an absolutely perfect mix. With large floppy ears and a voice that will melt your heart, Fluke is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Now this big guy is middle-aged as far as we are concerned and had been a long time sufferer of seizures, ear issues, and severe stiffness and shaking in his back legs. At first Fluke was a little hesitant with us, uncertain of what was going on and truly dealing with some hidden pain. His legs were arthritic and his cervical spine severely rotated, likely contributing to both his ear problems and his seizures. After his first few adjustments, Fluke was like a new pup. His shaking had gone down, his legs moved better, he could sit without completely flopping down, and his ears had lost almost all of their redness. Fluke has only had two incidences since beginning his chiropractic journey where he experienced a seizure and both times occurred right before his adjustment. After figuring out the timing, Fluke’s fur mama decided to move his adjustment up by one week to see if this would alleviate the issue and thus far it has done the trick. Fluke is now completely willing to be worked on, he doesn’t mind having his paws touched or his back end wiggled. He has even decided to start greeting folks by standing up so that he can be eye level. Fluke is definitely feeling better on all counts and we love that he has become such an integral part of our lives because he brings such joy to everyone he meets!

Dog Shoulder and Hip Pain

Reed the Airedale with Shoulder and Hip Pain

Dog Shoulder and Hip PainMeet Reed the Airedale. Reed here is edging into his senior years and will be turning twelve this year. When he began to limp and not put weight on his foot, his mom was worried he may be aging a bit too fast for her or his liking. The limp had been going on for about a week and his limb was tender to touch, while at the same time his lower back was also appearing quite weak.

When his fur mom first brought him to our mom, she suspected he had a pretty severe nerve impingement right from the getgo. The limp was bad and he was compensating for this all over the rest of his body. After his first, very gentle, adjustment, Reed began to show huge signs of improvement. He was putting weight on his foot and his pain levels had reduced drastically. After his second visit Reed was like a new dog, not only had the limp completely disappeared, but also his pain was nonexistent and his back end appeared to have grown stronger. By his third visit his mom told ours that Reed was acting like a puppy and she hadn’t seen him have such good energy levels for quite some time. Now he gets seen to help keep his body in tip-top shape and maintain his puppy like attitude. We absolutely adore Reed and love seeing his little beard and big smile every month!

Chronic Ear Infections In Dogs

Libby the Boxer & Her Chronic Ear Infections

Chronic Ear Infections In DogsThis is Libby. Libby is an adorable boxer that loves to give kisses and hugs. She started seeing our mom because she was very prone to ear infections, so much so that her ears were in a near constant state of inflammation. They were red, pussy, and she HATED having them cleaned because they were so tender. Her fur parents decided to give chiropractic a try to see if there was something more going on causing her ear infections. They’d already addressed her nutritional issues and this seemed to be the logical next step. Well they made a great decision because little by little miss Libby’s ear infections become less frequent. The redness died down and her ears began to open up and clear. She no longer had the itching, the pain, or the sensitivity to her ears being touched and this was a huge relief. She continues to be seen for protection to help prevent future ear infections and in the meantime hasn’t had a single one. We are so glad Libby found our mom and that she could be helped through chiropractic!

Dog Shaky Leg

Ellie The Saint & Her Shaky Leg

Dog Shaky LegThis is sweet baby girl Ellie. Ellie is in her later years but don’t let her age fool you. This girl is smart, stunning, and active as all get out. She continues to go to obedience classes to keep her mind sharp (though she really is a peach and could probably teach the class herself)! She is a good listener and an even better snuggler. Ellie started seeing us to help with her shaky back leg. At her first visit, our mom noticed Ellie had a great deal of twitching and sensitivity in her spine. She had a neurological response while being stroked that even caused her to lift her back leg and seem to itch. After a few adjustments, this response had completely gone and the shaking had gone down quite a bit. Ellie had been doing stairs and even jumped into the car, which she had been avoiding. Though her back leg does shake on a regular basis, the severity of the shake and frequency has improved. Her twitchiness is nearly nonexistent and her energy level is as good as ever. She will still take a night of snuggling any day of the week, but she won’t say no to a nice walk to enjoy this cold weather!

Dogs Trouble With Jumping

Missy The Golden & Her Trouble With Jumping

Dogs Trouble With JumpingThis blonde beauty in front of you is the one they call Missy. She is a six-year-old golden retriever and therapy dog extraordinaire. Missy first started seeing our mom about one year ago, mainly because she wasn’t as energetic as she one was. Her fur mom told ours that Missy had been tiring out easily, wouldn’t jump into the car or truck, and her walks had become shorter and shorter. She even hesitated with stairs. Now back then, Missy was only five, and her mom knew these behaviors just weren’t right. After talking to our mom she decided that chiropractic might be the ticket to helping Missy feel better. She was very right! Missy had A LOT going on at her first adjustment, she even paced when she walked, which is an abnormal gait often associated with structural shifting of the spine. She had multiple areas in need of adjustment, especially in her pelvis. After her first adjustment her fur mom couldn’t get over how great she was doing. Missy no longer hesitated with stairs or the truck, she had a ton more energy, and she wasn’t puppy-sitting anymore. Though she continues to pace, Missy has improved leaps and bounds and is one of our moms loveliest goldens. She continues to get protective care and is happy as a clam!

Dog Locked Up Jaw Disorder

Mable The Pitt & Her Locked Up Jaw Disorder

Dog Locked Up Jaw DisorderMeet miss Mable. Mable here is just a puppy and within the first week of being adopted was already having problems. Her problems weren’t exactly run of the mill though because they had to do with her poor jaw. Mable could only open her mouth a fraction of what is considered normal and when she did there was a popping sound each time. She looked like she wanted to yawn but just couldn’t complete the task. Her new fur parents were very concerned! In addition to her jaw problems the poor girl was incredibly itchy, hot to the touch, and had a tinge of pink to her coat. Her visits to the vet proved uneventful as they could find nothing wrong with her jaw and told her parents that some dogs were just “hot” all the time. This didn’t quite sit right with Mable’s new mom so she found our mom. On her first visit, Mable had one of the tightest temporomandibular joints (TMJ) our mom had ever seen. For such a young pup she certainly had done some damage to her TMJ. She had multiple areas already shifting within her spine, some of which were correlating exactly with where she was warmer. After her first adjustment Mable had one of the biggest yawns ever. By her second adjustment, her jaw had improved light-years and she was able to open her mouth twice as far as she could originally. The popping was happening, though less frequently, and shockingly she was no longer exceptionally warm. After her second adjustment, Mable’s TMJ issues were completely resolved. Now if there’s ever a time where it begins to act up, Mable’s mom knows who to call, and our mom is so happy she could help this young pup get the best nap of her life!