Pitt Cruciate Tear

Lola The Pitt Mix & Her Cruciate Tear

Pitt Cruciate TearMeet Lola. Lola was one of our moms first clients to come to her with a cruciate ligament tear. She arrived at the office with a bad limp, not putting much weight on her hind limb at all, and when she did there was a constant shake to her. Lola appeared to be quite sore and in a bit of pain, and the worst part was she didn’t even want to go on her walks anymore….one of her favorite activities. After deliberating over her options, Lola’s mom decided to give chiropractic a try for her baby girl rather than jump into surgery. Afterall, Lola is more of a senior dog and if she could avoid having to go under the knife that made her mom very happy. Needless to say Lola has become one of our mom’s absolute favorite girls. She improved leaps and bounds with each visit. Despite being considered senior, Lola recovered very quickly. With each adjustment her walks had lengthened, the shaking decreased, the strength returned to her back legs, and she was putting more and more weight on that hind limb. Several months after starting care, Lola had made a full recovery. She now walks completely normal, her energy level is back to what it was, and she continues to harass her mom for her favorite thing ever…WALKS! We are so happy with how far this little lovebug has come.

Ordon Setter Limping, Weakness, & Pain

Flair The Ordon Setter & Her Limping, Weakness, & Pain

Ordon Setter Limping,     Weakness,   & PainThis weeks update is an exciting and unexpected one. Our mom has a gorgeous gordon setter female dog for a patient, she’s quite a site to look at, and is a showstopper. She started getting adjusted mainly for overall health, but with hopes that her strength and muscle tone would improve. After her very first adjustment, her owner was ecstatic about how much stronger she was in her hindlimbs. She continued to gain strength and improve in her health. She took a bit of a spill this month and came up lame in her hind limb, dragging her right foot behind her when she showed. After one adjustment the lameness was gone and she was once again sound. Her owner even commented how she improved that very first day, and now after several adjustments her acid reflux has also decreased significantly. It just goes to show how structural imbalances in the body can affect so much more than biomechanics.

Horse Lameness

Lacey The Draft Horse & Her Lameness

Horse LamenessNormally we talk about dogs, and today we’ve decided to change it up a bit. One of our moms newer clients and bigger ones is a sixteen year old thoroughbred named Lacey. She is a gorgeous girl who is a lover of veggies and fruits. Lacey was having trouble with her gait, she seemed a bit unsure, and would drag her hind limbs a bit. She had been adjusted before and it helped her a great deal. One day her mama was having a lesson on her when the trainer told her they needed to end the lesson early because something was incredibly off with Lacey. That’s when her mama called ours. Lacey was adjusted that very next week, and since then has been riding the best she’s ever ridden. She jumps, she doesn’t hesitate, and she even free-lunges in her spare time. Now Lacey is being seen monthly to keep her in tip-top shape, and her mama is happy she is healthier and more comfortable