Rottie Arthritis

Katie The Rottie & Her Arthritis

Rottie Arthritis

It’s about time that we talk about this little girl…what can we say, Katie is a lovebug and then some more. She is a hurricane Katrina rescue and is loved so immensely you’d never know she was homeless for some time. Being from the South, you may think that Katie liked to take her time and live life on the slow side, but you’d be wrong. Katie could keep up with the best of them in her day, and looked good doing it! So when she started to slow down this past winter, her fur mama got worried, this wasn’t the Katie she knew. Stairs, cars, and even walks started to become difficult and sometimes unmanageable. Katie had resigned to staying on one level and sleeping, a lot. It made her family sad to see her in pain, so they decided to look into more options for their girl. Now Katie does have significant arthritis and takes supplements and medicine to help manage any discomfort from the inflammation, but they just weren’t cutting it alone. After her first few adjustments, Katie began doing the stairs again, quickly. Jumping up and down, going on longer walks, and wanting to play were all part of her normal routine again. Even when she had a bit of a setback from a move to a house with A LOT of stairs, Katie bounced back with a change in her care plan and her daily routine. She smiles from ear to ear when she gets adjusted and of course makes our mom happy as a clam to see her living life without pain or discomfort. With each adjustment, Katie has improved, and she always loves the extra belly rubs she gets during “Katie time”.

Pinched Nerve

Miko & Moses The Malamutes – Their Limping & Pinched Nerve Stories

Pinched NervePinched Nerve
Prepare yourself for two very gentle giants. Miko and Moses are some of the biggest teddy bears our mom has come across to date. Full of fluff rather than fury, these guys are snugglers and mama’s boys. Needless to say when Moses started to have extreme pain in his lower back, his parents were concerned. Thankfully, they were referred to our mom. When Moses first came to see our mom it was obvious how much pain he was in. He hardly wanted to move and would flop on the floor. Getting up was tough, and once he was up, moving was even tougher. He definitely had the symptoms of a pinched nerve, and getting adjusted was just what he needed. After his first adjustment you could already tell he was feeling better. Able to get up and down, and go about his day again, Moses was getting back to his normal self. His fur parents were ecstatic, especially his fur mama. She had been very worried about her big boy, and certainly didn’t want him to be taking medication for a prolonged period of time. As Moses was improving, his fur mama thought it was time for Miko to get adjusted as well and make it a family affair. Now Miko is a touch bigger than Moses, and definitely more laidback. He had been dealing with a clicking shoulder for some time and nothing seemed to help. It was especially bad when he was going upstairs. Not only was his shoulder clicking, it was causing some muscle spasm around that joint, and overall just slowing this big boy down. Big boys play rough and fall hard, so each time he would rough house with his brother and sisters, he’d have to call it quits a bit sooner. It didn’t seem to bother him too much, however, his fur mama knew it wasn’t good. After a few adjustments, Miko’s shoulder no longer clicked and the pep was returned to his step. Miko and Moses are just two of our moms loves, and she’s so happy she’s been able to help them feel and function better!

Dog Arthritis & Paralysis

Tara & Her Arthritis & Paralysis

Dog Arthritis & ParalysisThis gorgeous lady to your right is Tara. She is almost fourteen years old and a retired racing greyhound. Though not quite as fast as she once was, Tara still has that high prey drive and if given the chance to hunt down a chicken, she will bring you back a bird ready to be fried. Tara has been one of our mom’s clients for almost one year now, and she has certainly had her ups and downs! Tara’s fur parents found our mom because they were hoping to help her out in her old age. She had started having trouble with the stairs, both indoor and out, and was becoming a touch more lethargic. She had a particular leg that was giving her issues and was very spastic throughout her ribcage, and had been that way for years. After her very first adjustment Tara had an easier time standing, seemed to be prancing a touch, and even started doing the stairs again. Her spastic ribcage? All of a sudden it was gone. With each adjustment she continued to improve, and her fur mom could usually tell when she was due. After being seen regularly for several months, Tara took a nasty spill that left her partially paralyzed. She was dragging her back end, could hardly walk, and needed help going outside to go potty. For the first time in her life, Tara didn’t need to be leashed when going outside because there was no way for her to run away. Her parents were heartbroken and didn’t quite know what to do, so they called our mom and said it was an emergency. After seeing Tara, our mom knew this was a pivotal time. She told Tara’s parents to give her two weeks, and if Tara didn’t get any better in that amount of time, perhaps it was time to look at other options. Well, luckily for all parties involved that conversation never needed to be had. Tara started to improve immediately. Little by little her strength came back, and by her third visit Tara was jumping on couches again (though not as gracefully). It took approximately six weeks for Tara to regain near full control and every now and again she will have an accident, however, all in all Tara is back to her normal self. Because of her enthusiasm, it is as if a 3 year old greyhound is stuck in a teenagers body. She pushes herself to the limit and tends to bring injury upon her little racer body. The amazing thing is how quickly she is able to recover using alternative therapies such as laser and chiropractic in addition to some conventional medicine. She is by far one of the most determined greyhounds our mom has ever met, and she loves the fight this girl has to live and to live well!

Lab Mild Paralysis

Archie The Lab & His Mild Paralysis

Lab Mild Paralysis

This handsome gentleman to your left is none another than Archibald. Archibald just celebrated his 14th birthday and doesn’t look a day over 10. He gave his mom a bad scare a couple of months ago when he all of a sudden was unable to use his back legs. They weren’t functioning, he couldn’t get a grip, and he was dragging them when he tried to pull himself up. He was even having a difficult time feeling pain sensation in the one paw, which is not a good thing. Our mom found him to have a great deal going on. He had a lot of structural shifts within his spine, starting in his neck and going all the way down to his pelvis. His levels of sensitivity were through the roof and you could see that his fur was almost jumping off of him when you touched certain places. We are quite happy to report that Archibald began walking again after his first adjustment. Since he’s been under care his mom tells us that he has even been getting in and out of the car a bit more often and seems to have a touch more energy. He is much more comfortable in his daily routine and his sensitivity levels have dropped to normal. Archie is one happy man and we couldn’t be happier that our mom could help him feel more like himself!

Wobbly Walk In Dogs

Ramona The Shih Tzu & Her Wobbly Walk

Wobbly WalkWe’d like to tell you about Ramona. She is a gorgeous little shihtzu that is surrounded by more felines than she cares to mention. Ramona is getting up there in years and she had begun to struggle with walking. It also doesn’t help that Ramona is handicapable, being that she only has one eye. Her sensory is a touch off, making it difficult for her to find balance, and for quite some time she had been having a horrible time walking. Ramona’s fur parents decided to get her adjusted on a regular basis to help improve her quality of life, and they could not have made a better decision even if they tried. Within her first couple of adjustments, Ramona began walking with more vigor and a great deal more stability. She still wobbled a touch but not nearly the way she once had. They noticed her energy levels increasing and all of a sudden she was able to go on longer and longer walks. For the first time in almost two years, she jumped off of her parents bed. Though these may seem like small feats to the average human, to Ramona the pup and her parents, they are a huge deal. Ramona continues to get adjusted to keep herself in check and as stable as possible, and to get herself out of the house away from all her kitty companions (seeing as they can get a little annoying sometimes

Dog Growing Pains

Bear & Bella, Growing Pains & Preventative Care

Dog Growing PainsWe’ve got an action packed update for everyone today. Not one, but two, of our stunning malamutes are being featured this holiday week. Meet Bear and Bella, two alaskan malamute malute pups that are just under two years of age. These two have been seeing our mom for over one year now, and they have made tremendous progress. When Bear first started seeing our mom, he was going through a great deal of growing pains, something that isn’t hard to imagine when putting on one hundred pounds in several months. He would limp off and on and just didn’t seem very comfortable. His energy levels were down and he just wasn’t acting the way a puppy, regardless of size, should act. After nearly one year of consistent care, Bear has gotten rid of his limp, his growing has slowed but his size continues to become more massive as his activity levels have risen. He loves the dog park and will go on longer walks now that he’s feeling more up to it. His sister Bella, though not nearly as large, also has energy for days. She loves to swim in her pool and manages to keep her body in pretty great shape. The two often rough house and that in itself is its own set of traumas and injuries. In order to maintain their stable structures, chiropractic has become part of their regular regimen. We love these two snuggle monsters!

Cat Hypersensitivity

Louise, The Cat With A Constant Limp & Hypersensitivity

Cat HypersensitivityThis adorable kitty to the left is Louise. She is a lovely lady that is quite feisty. For the past year she has been getting adjusted because she had a lot of trouble with her forelimb along with twitching and spasms in her back. When she was younger, Louise actually got stuck hanging from a window from her one paw for several hours. Since that point she seemed to always have occasional issues with her front leg. Down her spine her entire back would twitch when being petted. Her mom thought perhaps chiropractic would help her situation, especially since it seemed to be structural. After a few adjustments, Louise had a great deal of improvement in both her legs and in her back spasms. She started greeting her mom in the morning and actually coming down for breakfast rather than staying up in bed. Now, after a year, Louise gets checked every couple of months just to make sure she hasn’t re-injured that front shoulder, and she couldn’t be healthier!