Stella the pomeranian and her fast recovery!

This little pom is Stella. Don’t let her tiny tongue sticking out fool you, for she is the absolute sweetest girl on this side of the Mason Dixon. She has spunk and sass but mainly she’s a furball of love. Stella started experiencing some severe back pain and lameness in her back end, and no one could quite put their finger on what was wrong. She was told surgery was an option, but it wasn’t the ONLY option. Luckily, Stella is on an awesome diet, gets just the right amount of supplements, and is already doing things to support proper joint health.


On the first day that we met Stella it was obvious she wasn’t feeling too great. She really couldn’t jump, didn’t want to be very active, and overall was very lethargic. The structure of her lower back and her knees was affecting her well-being because of the instability there. Within her first adjustment, Stella began acting like her normal self. Her knees moved better and her back wasn’t painful. The lameness began to subside and she was initiating play again.


Stella has two other fur siblings as well as a few human ones. She is a happy girl with lots of love surrounding her. With her activity regimen, it’s not a surprise that she comes up with injuries now and again. The good thing though, is that her fur family has found a way to keep her protected through chiropractic and adjustments, which keeps Stella at her best!

Chong the Nervous Pup and Back Pain

ChongRoyThis handsome fellow is Chong. He is a rescue and the epitome of a lovebug, though it took him some time to warm up. He’s a touch nervous and anxious, and his mom could tell something was not quite right in his back end. Chong had always had a bit of a bump in his spine. The hunch that he had almost resembled that of a dinosaur, and it was extremely sensitive.

At his first visit, Chong was in such discomfort and so nervous that we were only able to work on one spot in his whole body. This was completely okay, not every animal is going to be instantly comfortable with being handled and touched.

With each following visit, Chong became more comfortable with his surroundings and with his favorite chiropractor. Though it took some time, we’ve now come to a point where Chong gets super excited to see us and is even tolerant of getting adjusted. The hunch in his back has gone down significantly, and after a few months of adjusting had completely leveled. Now he has a very active guy and he tends to throw himself out of whack. At this point, however, we have no issue putting him back together so he can go be as crazy as he pleases.

Chong is a great example of slow introductions. Once he realized that he felt better after being adjusted, he began to look forward to his visits rather than be terrified. Each animal is different; it’s all about respecting them and listening to their body language. By doing that, we were able to bring Chong into our hearts and never let him go!

neck pain

Vera the Borzoi Dealing With Severe Neck Pain

neck painVera the Borzoi with Neck Pain

Meet Vera the Borzoi. She is astoundingly beautiful and graceful at the same time. Vera has never been one to complain, and she always does her best for her mom. One morning, she woke up with extreme neck pain. She was hesitant to get up, put weight on her front left leg, and didn’t want to walk very far. Her fur mom and the vet couldn’t seem to find anything outwardly going on with her forelimbs or her neck.

What happens next?

Intuitively, her fur mama knew something was up, and when the vet suggested chiropractic may help to resolve the issue, she jumped right on board. On her first visit Vera did not want to put much weight on her front left leg. Interestingly enough, her leg had absolutely nothing going on that would cause this behavior. Upon further examination, Vera’s neck was a big mess. She could hardly turn her head to the left and was carrying it in a very stiff manner. Getting through the muscle spasm we could see something had shifted in her lower cervical spine that was impinging on the nerves here, thus causing the radiation down her front leg.

Gently, Vera got adjusted, and within the day she was using her front leg and turning her head. At her second visit she was so close to normal it was uncanny. Though it took several adjustments to fully relieve the pressure on the nerves, she managed to make a full recovery. Vera continues to come in monthly to help maintain her progress while also protecting her from other structural shifts that might take place due to her activity. Once in a blue moon she feels so great she will bolt down the stairs, and sometimes this can aggravate other areas in her spine. Luckily we are here to put her back together so she can go make new mistakes!


Ellie The Frenchie & Her Spondylosis

EllieMertzThis big eared and bright-eyed girl is Ellie. Ellie is in the early part of her elder years and she has long dealt with spondylosis. This is a broad term used to describe several conditions in the spine, often including narrowing of the spinal canal, spinal stenosis, early stage arthritis, and overall degenerative changes leading to pain and stiffness.

In Ellie’s case, her bones had begun to fuse and the disc space that should have been between each vertebrae had narrowed tremendously. This resulted in severe arthritis in her spine and very limited range of motion. She received steroids to help her condition, and they often did, though only temporarily. As she aged, her fur mama was concerned with the repetitive use of the steroids and what that was doing to her Ellie’s body. Though not completely sold on chiropractic care, her mama decided she was willing to give it a shot to see if this alternative could help her baby girl. Ellie did wonderfully. She started to move better, became more fluid and have greater stability, and she was even able to recover quicker after a spill. She began to be more puppy like than she’d been in quite some time and this warmed everyone’s hearts. Ellie was finally able to get some relief from the severe arthritis without having to undergo any invasive procedures or be on medication constantly. Inherently, structure will determine function, so when the structure shifts away from normal, function will too. With adjustments, we have been able to restore some of the normalcy into Ellie’s spine and thus help return some higher functioning into her daily life. Ellie is truly a light in our day and we are so glad her fur mama took a chance on chiropractic, for if she hadn’t those big ears would have never been apart of our journey.

Dog Back Pain

Lincoln & His Back Pain

Dog Back PainThis little man right here is one of our moms very special clients, Lincoln. He’s a man with an attitude and loves his family dearly. When Lincoln was not feeling his best his fur parents were incredibly concerned. He had started to hunch in his back, limp occasionally, and had little interest in jumping onto the furniture. He seemed lethargic and not himself at all, in fact he had even had accidents in the house a time or two (something that was not normal for him). After visiting the vet he was diagnosed with a disc issue and informed that he may never recover, and would possibly need a wheelcart. Well his fur mom was not going to take such news without a fight. She immediately began reaching out to see what else could be done for her little Lincoln Log, and that’s when she was referred to our mom. Lincoln definitely had signs of a slight disc bulge and even a bit of a nerve impingement, but nothing appeared too serious at his first adjustment. He was in a slight bit of pain and discomfort and his back had started to hunch significantly while his neck was having serious trouble turning to either side. His muscles were flared up and his whole body was guarded. After a couple of treatments, Lincoln was practically a new dog. His energy was up, he could move his head without crying, and his back had straightened itself out. He didn’t fuss when being adjusted and his pain seemed to be completely gone. As an active six year old, Lincoln was finally able to enjoy the things he had come to love, such as jumping up on furniture and going for walks with mom. Lincoln still sees our mom to keep everything in check, after all he does have a tendency to play pretty hard, and we know our mom just loves him and his entire family!

Return to Puppyhood

Merlin The Great Dane & His Return to Puppyhood

Return To PuppyhoodThis handsome man here is Merlin, a towering great dane that was having some serious struggles throughout puppyhood. When Merlin first began seeing our mom, his parents were at a loss. They had done everything imaginable to help him with his problems, and yet nothing was making a difference. You see Merlin struggled with his back end so much so that even at only nine months old he had no interest or ability to play. He was constantly tired and acting more like a nine-year-old dog than a puppy. He didn’t really seem all that interested in food and his back curled up so high that he was almost in a U shape. His back knees practically kissed one another when he walked and he was limping constantly. Both of his elbows had huge sacks of fluid surrounding them that wouldn’t go away. Merlin was a mess, and after all the tests and doctors, no answers could be found, according to his results one would expect a completely healthy dog. Merlin began seeing our mom as a last ditch effort to help improve his quality of life. It took some time and some getting used to, but throughout his visits Merlin began to improve. His back began to flatten, he put on some weight, his knees weren’t so knocked, and he was finally behaving like a puppy again. He wanted to play and could do it. He could get up and get down without a serious struggle and the limping improved drastically. As his muscle tone got better, so did he. Merlin continues to see our mom because he does have a long way to go, however, we are so happy to see this dane smiling again and able to finally act like a puppy should!

Dog Shaky Leg

Ellie The Saint & Her Shaky Leg

Dog Shaky LegThis is sweet baby girl Ellie. Ellie is in her later years but don’t let her age fool you. This girl is smart, stunning, and active as all get out. She continues to go to obedience classes to keep her mind sharp (though she really is a peach and could probably teach the class herself)! She is a good listener and an even better snuggler. Ellie started seeing us to help with her shaky back leg. At her first visit, our mom noticed Ellie had a great deal of twitching and sensitivity in her spine. She had a neurological response while being stroked that even caused her to lift her back leg and seem to itch. After a few adjustments, this response had completely gone and the shaking had gone down quite a bit. Ellie had been doing stairs and even jumped into the car, which she had been avoiding. Though her back leg does shake on a regular basis, the severity of the shake and frequency has improved. Her twitchiness is nearly nonexistent and her energy level is as good as ever. She will still take a night of snuggling any day of the week, but she won’t say no to a nice walk to enjoy this cold weather!

Pinched Nerve In Dogs

Belle The Beauty & Her Awful Pinched Nerve

Pinched Nerve In DogsThis is beautiful Belle. She’s pretty as a princess and gave her mom quite a fright when she was unable to lift her neck and she couldn’t stop shaking and crying. Out of nowhere, Belle wouldn’t raise her head without a big yipe of pain quickly following. She couldn’t turn her head right or left and she had no interest in eating, especially if it involved dipping her head down to do so. Uncertain about what was going on, her fur mama decided to think outside the box. She knew that she had also suffered from a bad pinched nerve before and thought maybe that was what her little girl was dealing with. Fur mama was right! Little Belle came in for her first visit in severe pain and shaking terribly. There was a ton of tension in her neck and shoulder and her little muscles were in bad spasm. Her adjustment was gentle so as not to cause additional discomfort and she did a great job. After only one adjustment, Belle was noticeably more comfortable. She went home and ate, and could move her head in all ranges of motion without crying in pain. Miss Belle had a horribly pinched nerve and after a few more adjustments her pain was completely gone and she had returned to her happy, healthy self. She continues to get adjusted to maintain all the progress she has made and to keep her body in check!

Chihuahua Paraplegia Struggle

Jalapeno The Chihuahua & Her Paraplegia Struggle

Chihuahua Paraplegia StruggleHello lovely Jalapeno! Jalapeno is a stunning little Chihuahua with a diva walk and so much love to spare. Needless to say, when she started to lose all control of her hind limbs, her mom and dad were worried. She couldn’t bring her paws back to normal after being curled under, she could only drag herself around, and her bowel control was iffy at best. Everything had happened quickly and no one knew what exactly was happening. It was suspected that this little chichi bomb may have had a disc rupture, but nothing was certain. After her very first adjustment, Jalapeno began to feel and move better. She began to regain control of her hind limbs and was walking without dragging herself. Though her gait is still wobbly and occasionally she has accidents in the house, Jalapeno has come lightyears from where she started. Her parents have even shown our mom video of miss Jalapeno being told it’s time for her chiropractic appointment and she lights up with excitement. Though not 100%, Jalapeno is proof of what chiropractic and loving parents can do for the little guy, or in this case, girl.

Lab Pinched Nerve

Maverick The Lab & His Pinched Nerve

Lab Pinched NerveWell it’s that time of year again, the holidays. A time to play with some round balls hung up on trees, eat plants we shouldn’t be eating, sleep in the branches, and add ourselves to the village display. It’s also a time when a lot of our mom’s patients start having more aches and pains. She just told us a story today about one of her new patients, a lab/shepherd mix who had been experiencing some severe neck pain.

One day this dog was on a walk when he saw a delicious looking squirrel. He couldn’t help himself and he had to run after it, and who could blame him, they are awfully plump this time of year. Unfortunately his leash ended before he reached said squirrel and his neck was given a big jerk. For two months after this incidence the dog experienced horrible pain. He moped around the house, wasn’t eating as much as he usually did, and wasn’t his normal self.

This pup’s owner had tried a lot of different things suggested by the traditional vet and nothing seemed to be working. She herself sees a chiropractor so she thought that would be something that could help her little guy…and that’s when she found our mom. After his very first visit, this pup went from hardly being able to turn his head to full range of motion. He wasn’t in pain, was able to go for walks and play with his sister, and there was no more yelps of pain. His owner couldn’t be happier and neither could our mom. Just in time for the holidays this big guy is back to his normal self, chasing squirrels and loving life.