pinched nerve

Vegas and her Severe Pinched Nerve

pinched nerveMeet Vegas- a sassy and loving basset hound in the prime of her senior years. Not only is Vegas one cute number, she is also blind and partially hard of hearing. She’s been running into walls and bouncing off of them practically her entire life. Needless to say this unintentional reckless behavior did a number on her spine. Vegas woke up one day in excruciating pain, she was screaming and crying and her parents had no clue what was going on. At the vet’s office, they were given pain medication and steroids to give their girl, neither of which seemed to help at all.


Vegas couldn’t lift her head and turning from side to side was out of the question. When she would lie down she would have to flop over because she had no stability or way of containing herself. Getting up was an entirely different animal. On her first visit Vegas was struggling to just walk to the exam room because of her lack of mobility. She was in complete spasm in her neck region and severe pain.


Within one adjustment Vegas was already showing steady signs of improvement. She could turn her head side to side and lift it beyond her shoulders. She didn’t cry out upon palpation of her neck and the spasm was negligible. Within her next two adjustments Vegas was back at her puppy antics, playing games and running around with energy. Her neck issue had resolved and her inflammation was down without any need for pain medication, etc. Sometimes a pinched nerve rears its ugly head and when you relieve the pressure on the spinal cord and the nerve roots, everything resolves in a nice natural fashion!

Jake the shepherd and his Arthritis

This handsome stud is Jake. Jake is a rescued German Shepherd that was found wandering the streets until he was brought to his forever home. He is a young bloke that found himself really struggling with some pain and discomfort, accompanied by a fairly consistent limp in his front leg. After a full work-up, Jake’s x-rays showed he had some significant arthritis in his elbows, one side worse than the other.


After giving Jake pain medication for a significant amount of time, his fur parents decided to give chiropractic a try because Jake’s cousins had both been doing so well under care. Within two adjustments Jake’s limping had decreased significantly, pain medication wasn’t necessary, and his movement and energy was up. Jake was doing fantastic and he hardly even showed the slightest bit of discomfort.


When it comes to arthritis, what already exists cannot be erased, and that is imperative to understand. Arthritis is something that should be prevented as long as possible, when at all possible. Keeping joint motion within normal is one of the best ways to protect against arthritis formation. Chiropractic is one of the many ways to make sure structure is sound and joint motion is at an optimum. Jake may not be able to diminish what he currently has, but we can certainly help prevent more from forming!

back pain

Gibbi the Lab with Severe Back Pain

back painGibbi girl here is an adorable love. She is loving and kind, and when her fur mom noticed she was in severe back pain she knew something was wrong. Gibbi was hunched up, would cry when touched, and would move her backside away from you the minute you tried to pet her. She cried and yelped and was not herself whatsoever, her back pain was altering her mood and her actions.


At her first adjustment Gibbi was tentative, nervous, and clearly incredibly uncomfortable. Her skin twitched every time she was touched and her tail was tucked so far between her legs. You could actually see the pain on her face. Gibbi also deals with significant anxiety, and she is attached to her fur parents. Keeping all of this in mind, on her first visit we were careful to only push Gibbi a certain amount. When animals are in that severe of pain, whether back or neck, it is important to leave them with a great experience and not cause them any more discomfort.


After her first adjustment Gibbi was already showing serious signs of improvement. Though still nervous and painful, she was walking smoothly, the sensitivity was down, and she didn’t have her tail tucked quite as far. After several adjustments, Gibbi had returned to her normal self, and even improved upon the original. She was feeling so great that our girl was actually calm during a thunderstorm and fireworks, something she had always struggled with. Now when we see Gibbi, she greets us happily, wagging her tail and actually coming up to us to get petted. She’s happy as a clam and completely pain free thanks to her fur moms instinct that something wasn’t right!

Jake the West Highland Terrier and his Pain

back painMeet Jake. This spicy little westie is an absolutely wonderful man. He is well-loved and well taken care of, and when Jake was really suffering from significant pain and discomfort his fur mom became quite concerned. Jake would cry for no reason or even at the slightest touch of his body. He didn’t want to play and started to become a dog version of a hermit. He was aloof, easily perturbed, and truly showing his age all of a sudden.


Jake’s mom brought him to see us in addition to his monthly acupuncture treatment. At his first adjustment we were a little worried he may be too tender, in too much pain, and uncomfortable to even be adjusted, but this perfect man powered through and didn’t let out one peep. He visibly relaxed, allowed the treatment, and gave a big shake afterward. Within his first few visits, it appeared the hands of time were set on rewind for Jake. He didn’t cry when he was brushed, touched, or handled. The random yelps weren’t happening anymore and he had even started initiating play again.


Jake is by no means 100% back to his puppy self. He has good days and not so good days, but overall he has improved to the point where his quality of life is excellent. He plays, he runs and he romps. He is back to cuddling (on his own terms of course) and for the most part he is back to his happy self. We love his visits and couldn’t imagine our life without this perfect dude!

Stella the pomeranian and her fast recovery!

This little pom is Stella. Don’t let her tiny tongue sticking out fool you, for she is the absolute sweetest girl on this side of the Mason Dixon. She has spunk and sass but mainly she’s a furball of love. Stella started experiencing some severe back pain and lameness in her back end, and no one could quite put their finger on what was wrong. She was told surgery was an option, but it wasn’t the ONLY option. Luckily, Stella is on an awesome diet, gets just the right amount of supplements, and is already doing things to support proper joint health.


On the first day that we met Stella it was obvious she wasn’t feeling too great. She really couldn’t jump, didn’t want to be very active, and overall was very lethargic. The structure of her lower back and her knees was affecting her well-being because of the instability there. Within her first adjustment, Stella began acting like her normal self. Her knees moved better and her back wasn’t painful. The lameness began to subside and she was initiating play again.


Stella has two other fur siblings as well as a few human ones. She is a happy girl with lots of love surrounding her. With her activity regimen, it’s not a surprise that she comes up with injuries now and again. The good thing though, is that her fur family has found a way to keep her protected through chiropractic and adjustments, which keeps Stella at her best!

Chong the Nervous Pup and Back Pain

ChongRoyThis handsome fellow is Chong. He is a rescue and the epitome of a lovebug, though it took him some time to warm up. He’s a touch nervous and anxious, and his mom could tell something was not quite right in his back end. Chong had always had a bit of a bump in his spine. The hunch that he had almost resembled that of a dinosaur, and it was extremely sensitive.

At his first visit, Chong was in such discomfort and so nervous that we were only able to work on one spot in his whole body. This was completely okay, not every animal is going to be instantly comfortable with being handled and touched.

With each following visit, Chong became more comfortable with his surroundings and with his favorite chiropractor. Though it took some time, we’ve now come to a point where Chong gets super excited to see us and is even tolerant of getting adjusted. The hunch in his back has gone down significantly, and after a few months of adjusting had completely leveled. Now he has a very active guy and he tends to throw himself out of whack. At this point, however, we have no issue putting him back together so he can go be as crazy as he pleases.

Chong is a great example of slow introductions. Once he realized that he felt better after being adjusted, he began to look forward to his visits rather than be terrified. Each animal is different; it’s all about respecting them and listening to their body language. By doing that, we were able to bring Chong into our hearts and never let him go!

neck pain

Vera the Borzoi Dealing With Severe Neck Pain

neck painVera the Borzoi with Neck Pain

Meet Vera the Borzoi. She is astoundingly beautiful and graceful at the same time. Vera has never been one to complain, and she always does her best for her mom. One morning, she woke up with extreme neck pain. She was hesitant to get up, put weight on her front left leg, and didn’t want to walk very far. Her fur mom and the vet couldn’t seem to find anything outwardly going on with her forelimbs or her neck.

What happens next?

Intuitively, her fur mama knew something was up, and when the vet suggested chiropractic may help to resolve the issue, she jumped right on board. On her first visit Vera did not want to put much weight on her front left leg. Interestingly enough, her leg had absolutely nothing going on that would cause this behavior. Upon further examination, Vera’s neck was a big mess. She could hardly turn her head to the left and was carrying it in a very stiff manner. Getting through the muscle spasm we could see something had shifted in her lower cervical spine that was impinging on the nerves here, thus causing the radiation down her front leg.

Gently, Vera got adjusted, and within the day she was using her front leg and turning her head. At her second visit she was so close to normal it was uncanny. Though it took several adjustments to fully relieve the pressure on the nerves, she managed to make a full recovery. Vera continues to come in monthly to help maintain her progress while also protecting her from other structural shifts that might take place due to her activity. Once in a blue moon she feels so great she will bolt down the stairs, and sometimes this can aggravate other areas in her spine. Luckily we are here to put her back together so she can go make new mistakes!

Lab With Hot Spots

Chi- The Yellow Lab with Hot Spots

Lab With Hot SpotsThis gorgeous lady lab is Chi, pronounced “shy”. When we first met her, she was most definitely a shy girl, very nervous and a little bit uncertain. She had been re-homed at the age of 11 simply because her previous fur parents were unable to give her the care or love she needed. After finding her perfect forever home, her new mom went to work completely overhauling her diet and lifestyle. Chi went from a dry, grain-filled kibble diet to a dehydrated raw and now a raw diet. She transition slowly but well. She began to get some exercise as well and was socialized with her new fur moms other pups. In addition she began to get adjusted. Chi had a horrible hot spot on her paw that was big, red, hot, and oozy. She constantly licked and it never had a chance to heal. While her previous owners dismissed the wound, her new mom knew she could do more and thought perhaps it was more of a nerve issue than anything else. She couldn’t have been more correct. Through regular adjustments, Chi spent less time wearing a cone and began to leave her paw alone for longer periods of time and it was able to heal. Though it took a few months, Chi’s paw is entirely healed and she leaves it alone now. Her energy levels are through the roof, she’s openly greets visitors when they come over rather than hiding in her kennel, and she’s overall a much friendlier and happier dog. We are so happy she was re-homed, especially in her golden years, and even happier that her new mom wanted to make them the best years possible.

Airedale and Arthritis

Duke the Airedale and His Arthritis

DukeAversaDuke here is a “senior” Airedale. When first meeting Duke, he was struggling and really having a hard time with his aching body. He was slow, a bit lethargic, and quite shaky in his back end. Arthritis seemed to be the least of his problems. His fur mom was really sad watching him age and was hoping there was something that could be done to help his quality of life. Duke had multiple areas of structural shifting going on, primarily in his pelvis, triggering his shakiness and likely making it difficult for him to move as easily as he once had. After his first adjustment, Duke’s mom reported a different dog had come home with her. He was energetic, excited, and even a little bit playful. The tension in his back had disappeared and the shaking was also gone. Duke had decided he wanted to walk more and even started to run around the backyard again. His eyes seemed lighter and his general body became less tight as his pelvis started to stabilize. This guy continues to get adjusted each month because it helps him keep his puppy-like demeanor, something we are so happy he was able to find again!


Ellie The Frenchie & Her Spondylosis

EllieMertzThis big eared and bright-eyed girl is Ellie. Ellie is in the early part of her elder years and she has long dealt with spondylosis. This is a broad term used to describe several conditions in the spine, often including narrowing of the spinal canal, spinal stenosis, early stage arthritis, and overall degenerative changes leading to pain and stiffness.

In Ellie’s case, her bones had begun to fuse and the disc space that should have been between each vertebrae had narrowed tremendously. This resulted in severe arthritis in her spine and very limited range of motion. She received steroids to help her condition, and they often did, though only temporarily. As she aged, her fur mama was concerned with the repetitive use of the steroids and what that was doing to her Ellie’s body. Though not completely sold on chiropractic care, her mama decided she was willing to give it a shot to see if this alternative could help her baby girl. Ellie did wonderfully. She started to move better, became more fluid and have greater stability, and she was even able to recover quicker after a spill. She began to be more puppy like than she’d been in quite some time and this warmed everyone’s hearts. Ellie was finally able to get some relief from the severe arthritis without having to undergo any invasive procedures or be on medication constantly. Inherently, structure will determine function, so when the structure shifts away from normal, function will too. With adjustments, we have been able to restore some of the normalcy into Ellie’s spine and thus help return some higher functioning into her daily life. Ellie is truly a light in our day and we are so glad her fur mama took a chance on chiropractic, for if she hadn’t those big ears would have never been apart of our journey.