Seizures and Shakiness

Fluke the Hound and his Struggle with Seizures and Shakiness

Dog Seizures and ShakinessThis handsome fellow is Fluke. He is part great dane and part hound, an absolutely perfect mix. With large floppy ears and a voice that will melt your heart, Fluke is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Now this big guy is middle-aged as far as we are concerned and had been a long time sufferer of seizures, ear issues, and severe stiffness and shaking in his back legs. At first Fluke was a little hesitant with us, uncertain of what was going on and truly dealing with some hidden pain. His legs were arthritic and his cervical spine severely rotated, likely contributing to both his ear problems and his seizures. After his first few adjustments, Fluke was like a new pup. His shaking had gone down, his legs moved better, he could sit without completely flopping down, and his ears had lost almost all of their redness. Fluke has only had two incidences since beginning his chiropractic journey where he experienced a seizure and both times occurred right before his adjustment. After figuring out the timing, Fluke’s fur mama decided to move his adjustment up by one week to see if this would alleviate the issue and thus far it has done the trick. Fluke is now completely willing to be worked on, he doesn’t mind having his paws touched or his back end wiggled. He has even decided to start greeting folks by standing up so that he can be eye level. Fluke is definitely feeling better on all counts and we love that he has become such an integral part of our lives because he brings such joy to everyone he meets!

Dog Shoulder and Hip Pain

Reed the Airedale with Shoulder and Hip Pain

Dog Shoulder and Hip PainMeet Reed the Airedale. Reed here is edging into his senior years and will be turning twelve this year. When he began to limp and not put weight on his foot, his mom was worried he may be aging a bit too fast for her or his liking. The limp had been going on for about a week and his limb was tender to touch, while at the same time his lower back was also appearing quite weak.

When his fur mom first brought him to our mom, she suspected he had a pretty severe nerve impingement right from the getgo. The limp was bad and he was compensating for this all over the rest of his body. After his first, very gentle, adjustment, Reed began to show huge signs of improvement. He was putting weight on his foot and his pain levels had reduced drastically. After his second visit Reed was like a new dog, not only had the limp completely disappeared, but also his pain was nonexistent and his back end appeared to have grown stronger. By his third visit his mom told ours that Reed was acting like a puppy and she hadn’t seen him have such good energy levels for quite some time. Now he gets seen to help keep his body in tip-top shape and maintain his puppy like attitude. We absolutely adore Reed and love seeing his little beard and big smile every month!

Dog Back Pain

Lincoln & His Back Pain

Dog Back PainThis little man right here is one of our moms very special clients, Lincoln. He’s a man with an attitude and loves his family dearly. When Lincoln was not feeling his best his fur parents were incredibly concerned. He had started to hunch in his back, limp occasionally, and had little interest in jumping onto the furniture. He seemed lethargic and not himself at all, in fact he had even had accidents in the house a time or two (something that was not normal for him). After visiting the vet he was diagnosed with a disc issue and informed that he may never recover, and would possibly need a wheelcart. Well his fur mom was not going to take such news without a fight. She immediately began reaching out to see what else could be done for her little Lincoln Log, and that’s when she was referred to our mom. Lincoln definitely had signs of a slight disc bulge and even a bit of a nerve impingement, but nothing appeared too serious at his first adjustment. He was in a slight bit of pain and discomfort and his back had started to hunch significantly while his neck was having serious trouble turning to either side. His muscles were flared up and his whole body was guarded. After a couple of treatments, Lincoln was practically a new dog. His energy was up, he could move his head without crying, and his back had straightened itself out. He didn’t fuss when being adjusted and his pain seemed to be completely gone. As an active six year old, Lincoln was finally able to enjoy the things he had come to love, such as jumping up on furniture and going for walks with mom. Lincoln still sees our mom to keep everything in check, after all he does have a tendency to play pretty hard, and we know our mom just loves him and his entire family!

Return to Puppyhood

Merlin The Great Dane & His Return to Puppyhood

Return To PuppyhoodThis handsome man here is Merlin, a towering great dane that was having some serious struggles throughout puppyhood. When Merlin first began seeing our mom, his parents were at a loss. They had done everything imaginable to help him with his problems, and yet nothing was making a difference. You see Merlin struggled with his back end so much so that even at only nine months old he had no interest or ability to play. He was constantly tired and acting more like a nine-year-old dog than a puppy. He didn’t really seem all that interested in food and his back curled up so high that he was almost in a U shape. His back knees practically kissed one another when he walked and he was limping constantly. Both of his elbows had huge sacks of fluid surrounding them that wouldn’t go away. Merlin was a mess, and after all the tests and doctors, no answers could be found, according to his results one would expect a completely healthy dog. Merlin began seeing our mom as a last ditch effort to help improve his quality of life. It took some time and some getting used to, but throughout his visits Merlin began to improve. His back began to flatten, he put on some weight, his knees weren’t so knocked, and he was finally behaving like a puppy again. He wanted to play and could do it. He could get up and get down without a serious struggle and the limping improved drastically. As his muscle tone got better, so did he. Merlin continues to see our mom because he does have a long way to go, however, we are so happy to see this dane smiling again and able to finally act like a puppy should!

Greyhound & Arthritis

Oliver The Italian Greyhound & Arthritis

Greyhound & ArthritisOliver here is a handsome Italian greyhound. He is a senior (but don’t tell him that) and was starting to slow down and just not act like his normal self. For an older pup, Oliver had always had energy up the wazoo. He liked to walk, run, and play with his human family. In the middle of the summer he started to struggle with his hind end and had lost a lot of his playfulness. Worried that his arthritis was getting the best of him, his fur parents decided to start looking at other options to help improve his quality of life. When they ended up meeting our mom, Oliver was a little nervous and was very sore in his lower back and back legs. He did a great job while getting adjusted and our mom could tell he was going to do just fantastic. With every visit, Oliver was improving. He was jumping, walking, running, going upstairs, and his playfulness had been sparked again. Oliver could finally move with ease again because his skeletal system was moving better and pressure had been released. Oliver continues to get adjusted to maintain all the work that has been done and because he does notably better when under a regular care schedule. We love this stud muffin and are so happy to have him in our family!

Chihuahua Shoulder Issues

Vinnie The Stud Chihuahua & His Shoulder Issues

Chihuahua Shoulder IssuesVinnie here is quite the stud muffin when it comes to all things Chihuahua. He has his mom’s heart in his paw and when he was hurting she was beside herself trying to find whatever she could to help make him feel better. It was during a painful episode where he literally couldn’t put any weight on his front paw and was holding it up in pain that she found our mom. Vinnie had had surgery before on his shoulder because it so frequently dislocated, and unfortunately there was a lot of scar tissue irritating that joint. During his exam our mom noted he had a lot of inflammation and heat radiating from his shoulder and that the tension in his lower neck was incredibly high. His shoulder actually popped in and out and made a clicking sound. After being adjusted a few times he began to put more weight on that front leg and use it more frequently. It took some time but the pain began to decrease and shortly his shoulder had strengthened enough where the muscles surrounding the joint were cradling the humeral head, helping to keep it from clicking and popping. His shoulder regained a great deal of mobility and his neck began to release. As his muscle tone improved so did his overall health. His back leg even had luxating patella and that too began to stabilize. Vinnie has been seeing our mom for several months now and continues to improve and become feistier with every visit. He still holds his fur mom in his little paw, rightfully so, and is beginning to tolerate our mom too!

Shepherd & Arthritis

Lucky The Rescue Shepherd & His Arthritis

Shepherd ArthritisHello handsome! This here is Lucky, and that’s what we consider ourselves for having gotten to know him. Lucky is a german shepherd mix of some sort and one of the sweetest furballs our mom has ever worked on. He is a senior and his fur mama was worried about his slowing down and not being able to move as much as he had been. He has a lot of arthritis and very little cushioning in his joints, especially his knee and elbows where it’s practically bone on bone. One can imagine how a lack of fluid in those joints could really cause some pain. She first got in touch with our mom during one of the worst Michigan winters ever and poor Lucky was having a rough time getting around. Throughout his adjustments, Lucky has continued to do amazing. He definitely has his slow days and some are worse than others, but all in all he has managed to keep moving and always seems to move better after he gets treated. He even continues to go camping with his mom and if he’s feeling really great will go for a ride in the car and a walk at Belle Isle. Lucky is a lucky guy himself because his fur mama goes above and beyond to make sure he has the best of the best. When he gets adjusted, you can actually see the relief in his face and he visibly calms. Lucky and our mom have developed a special bond and she really holds him dear, she is ecstatic that he has managed to make it through two tough winters and still has some spring in his step!

Pinched Nerve In Dogs

Belle The Beauty & Her Awful Pinched Nerve

Pinched Nerve In DogsThis is beautiful Belle. She’s pretty as a princess and gave her mom quite a fright when she was unable to lift her neck and she couldn’t stop shaking and crying. Out of nowhere, Belle wouldn’t raise her head without a big yipe of pain quickly following. She couldn’t turn her head right or left and she had no interest in eating, especially if it involved dipping her head down to do so. Uncertain about what was going on, her fur mama decided to think outside the box. She knew that she had also suffered from a bad pinched nerve before and thought maybe that was what her little girl was dealing with. Fur mama was right! Little Belle came in for her first visit in severe pain and shaking terribly. There was a ton of tension in her neck and shoulder and her little muscles were in bad spasm. Her adjustment was gentle so as not to cause additional discomfort and she did a great job. After only one adjustment, Belle was noticeably more comfortable. She went home and ate, and could move her head in all ranges of motion without crying in pain. Miss Belle had a horribly pinched nerve and after a few more adjustments her pain was completely gone and she had returned to her happy, healthy self. She continues to get adjusted to maintain all the progress she has made and to keep her body in check!

Dog Locked Up Jaw Disorder

Mable The Pitt & Her Locked Up Jaw Disorder

Dog Locked Up Jaw DisorderMeet miss Mable. Mable here is just a puppy and within the first week of being adopted was already having problems. Her problems weren’t exactly run of the mill though because they had to do with her poor jaw. Mable could only open her mouth a fraction of what is considered normal and when she did there was a popping sound each time. She looked like she wanted to yawn but just couldn’t complete the task. Her new fur parents were very concerned! In addition to her jaw problems the poor girl was incredibly itchy, hot to the touch, and had a tinge of pink to her coat. Her visits to the vet proved uneventful as they could find nothing wrong with her jaw and told her parents that some dogs were just “hot” all the time. This didn’t quite sit right with Mable’s new mom so she found our mom. On her first visit, Mable had one of the tightest temporomandibular joints (TMJ) our mom had ever seen. For such a young pup she certainly had done some damage to her TMJ. She had multiple areas already shifting within her spine, some of which were correlating exactly with where she was warmer. After her first adjustment Mable had one of the biggest yawns ever. By her second adjustment, her jaw had improved light-years and she was able to open her mouth twice as far as she could originally. The popping was happening, though less frequently, and shockingly she was no longer exceptionally warm. After her second adjustment, Mable’s TMJ issues were completely resolved. Now if there’s ever a time where it begins to act up, Mable’s mom knows who to call, and our mom is so happy she could help this young pup get the best nap of her life!

Pitt Cruciate Tear

Lola The Pitt Mix & Her Cruciate Tear

Pitt Cruciate TearMeet Lola. Lola was one of our moms first clients to come to her with a cruciate ligament tear. She arrived at the office with a bad limp, not putting much weight on her hind limb at all, and when she did there was a constant shake to her. Lola appeared to be quite sore and in a bit of pain, and the worst part was she didn’t even want to go on her walks anymore….one of her favorite activities. After deliberating over her options, Lola’s mom decided to give chiropractic a try for her baby girl rather than jump into surgery. Afterall, Lola is more of a senior dog and if she could avoid having to go under the knife that made her mom very happy. Needless to say Lola has become one of our mom’s absolute favorite girls. She improved leaps and bounds with each visit. Despite being considered senior, Lola recovered very quickly. With each adjustment her walks had lengthened, the shaking decreased, the strength returned to her back legs, and she was putting more and more weight on that hind limb. Several months after starting care, Lola had made a full recovery. She now walks completely normal, her energy level is back to what it was, and she continues to harass her mom for her favorite thing ever…WALKS! We are so happy with how far this little lovebug has come.