Sir Francis the Pug Walks Again

partial paralysisThis handsome hunk of pug is Frank, Sir Francis Oliver Poops-a-lot King of the Panty Raiders, to be exact. Frank is a teenager with the personality of a puppy. He wants nothing more than to cuddle, be petted, and basically be your best friend. As he’s aged, Frank has really started having trouble with his back end. His legs have become weak, his muscles have atrophied a bit, his spine has become arthritic, and he has a habit of dragging or falling in his back end more often than standing upright. It started to become of real concern when Frank was really struggling to maintain a walk without falling over, and then also not being able to get back up. He really wasn’t able to walk, rather he would drag himself unless he had some help.


When Frank started getting adjusted, we weren’t quite sure how quickly he may respond to his improved mobility. As is common with senior dogs, fighting arthritis can be an uphill battle depending on how long it’s been present. We would soon find out that Frank had a lot more fight left in him as he began to improve rapidly. In the beginning, Frank could hardly pick himself up after a fall or he’d need help. After his first adjustment he seemed to be able to recover faster than before. By the time he’d been adjusted three times Frank was like a new knight.


First, he was not falling over nearly as much as he did originally. He was able to pick himself up when he did and the crossing over of his back legs had diminished. His muscle tone improved tremendously and the mobility in his back was fifty percent better than what it was. He was like a rocket ship on slippery floors and once he got moving you really couldn’t stop him. Frank continues to surpass our expectations at each visit, and we are so happy his fur dad decided to add chiropractic to his regimen!

Heidi’s Paralysis

heidigrossHeidi here is one of our walking miracles. We say this because she had paralysis in both her front and back limbs. Heidi was fine one minute and the next her fur mom went to go let her in from outside and she couldn’t move. There was no rhyme or reason, no injury, no accident, just a little dachschund that could no longer stand up. After immediately rushing to the vet there was little that could be discerned other than a likely ruptured disc, a tumor, or something attacking her spinal cord. After running a myriad of tests there was still no definitive answer, and with that the veterinarian suggested trying chiropractic. He knew the importance of spinal alignment for the nervous system function, and realized that the reason a disc may have burst could easily have been from misalignment and lead to the paralysis.

At her first adjustment Heidi could hardly drag herself along. She couldn’t maintain a stand when put into the position, and her limbs were all fairly flaccid. Heidi was in severe pain in her neck and in her lower midback. Both areas were fixated and she had little to no spinal movement. She adjusted well and was sent home knowing this was going to be a long road. Well Heidi didn’t like that plan, she decided she didn’t like being an invalid. By the next weeks adjustment Heidi was walking. Though the gait was unsteady, she was actually lifting herself up and walking throughout the front lobby.

After her second adjustment she started running and her walking gait steadied. By her fourth visit Heidi was jumping again. You would never know this was the same girl that we had seen just one month prior. Heidi defied all odds and she continues to maintain her spinal alignment with monthly adjustments. We are ecstatic that she came so far so quickly, something that is certainly not the norm. The importance of alignment is shown clearly in her case. When joints don’t move properly, the discs become the victims and can easily bulge. A bulging disc can overtime turn into a herniated one, and a herniated one can easily become ruptured. The best thing fur parents can do is to make sure their babies get checked up now and again to ensure spinal alignment is good to go. Heidi here is a prime example!

Chihuahua Paraplegia Struggle

Jalapeno The Chihuahua & Her Paraplegia Struggle

Chihuahua Paraplegia StruggleHello lovely Jalapeno! Jalapeno is a stunning little Chihuahua with a diva walk and so much love to spare. Needless to say, when she started to lose all control of her hind limbs, her mom and dad were worried. She couldn’t bring her paws back to normal after being curled under, she could only drag herself around, and her bowel control was iffy at best. Everything had happened quickly and no one knew what exactly was happening. It was suspected that this little chichi bomb may have had a disc rupture, but nothing was certain. After her very first adjustment, Jalapeno began to feel and move better. She began to regain control of her hind limbs and was walking without dragging herself. Though her gait is still wobbly and occasionally she has accidents in the house, Jalapeno has come lightyears from where she started. Her parents have even shown our mom video of miss Jalapeno being told it’s time for her chiropractic appointment and she lights up with excitement. Though not 100%, Jalapeno is proof of what chiropractic and loving parents can do for the little guy, or in this case, girl.

Dog Paralysis

Pistol Pete & His Paralysis

Dog Paralysis

Perhaps one of our greatest stories as of yet is the one our mom just told us about today. Something she’s been seeing a lot of lately is dogs with paraplegia. Now they haven’t always been paralyzed necessarily, and usually it’s something that seems to come from nowhere and act fast. That’s what happened to this little guy, “Pistol Pete”. Pete is a six year young doxie with a happy attitude and nothing but excitement for life. One evening his parents came home to find him on the floor, trying to drag himself around, because he suddenly had lost all control of his hind legs. After visiting their veterinarian, it was decided surgery was not an option as the window for success had been passed.They took Pete to a specialty veterinarian as well, a neurologist, who agreed with that assessment.

Not knowing what to do they were referred to our mom, maybe, just maybe, chiropractic could help Pete. Our mom talked with their mom for a while, about how Pete may or may not be one of those success stories, the only way to tell would be to dive right in and give it a try. Pete had several areas with structural shifting, surrounded by inflammation, and muscle atrophy in his pelvis and lower back specifically. He had no deep pain feeling in his hind end, was unable to control his bowel and bladder fully, and was very confused.

He was a fantastic chiropractic patient, and our mom put together an essential oil blend to be used daily for Pete. After his first adjustment Pete was able to control his bowel and bladder, though not able to express himself on his own. After his second adjustment, remnants of his deep pain reflex began to show up in his hind limbs. After his third adjustment, our mom recommended Pete get laser treatments in addition to the adjustment and essential oils. He just had his fourth adjustment, and for the first time in over a month Pete was able to control his bladder and urinate on his own without someone having to express it for him. Now Pete is still a work in progress and has a long way to go, but with each passing day he is getting stronger and showing a glimpse of the pup he once was. Being a dog, he has never lost his spirit. His mom and dad have outfitted him with a great set of wheels and this little guy will be motoring around in no time, and hopefully next time we will have even more great news to share. For now, we couldn’t be more excited and the future looks bright for this little doxie.


Pete, the doxie above, is in dire need of an update. Several months after first being seen and going partially paralytic, Pete is now walking. Pistol is now even RUNNING! Yes that’s right. To watch this little guy make moves check out our youtube channel:

Chihuahua Paralysis

Grace The Chihuahua & Her Paralysis

Chihuahua ParalysisThis sassy little girl is Gracie, a chihuahua with a great deal of spunk. She came to our mom because she had lost the majority of function in her hind legs. There was no rhyme or reason as to why Gracie could no longer walk normally or even hold herself up, but trust us she was not happy about this change. You see Gracie was very much a diva, and she did not like change in her life, especially when it altered her ability to move around! Her fur mama decided she would try getting Gracie adjusted and hoped that that would help with her partial paralysis. After her very first adjustment Gracie had begun to use her legs again. Though it was by no means perfect, her perseverance was clear as by the time she came back for another adjustment she was able to walk again! Though the walk may not have been as straight as before, the wiggle she developed matched her sassy personality. Gracie continues to improve and has been moving and grooving just as any princess should!

Border Collie Paralysis

Dice The Border Collie & Her Paralysis

Border Collie ParalysisThis is Dice. Dice is 17 years old and boy is she a beautiful border collie. Her owner has raised her since she was just a 10 year old girl, needless to say the two of them have very similar personalities. When Dice stopped being able to walk on her right hind leg and really unable to move her mom got incredibly concerned. This was a dog who put her other brothers into place, was the queen bee, and ruled the roost. This was not the type of dog to stay in bed and cry. Her mom knew something just wasn’t right. After getting her checked out by her vet, Dice was brought to our mom to get examined and adjusted for the first time ever. Her mom brought her in on her doggy bed because she couldn’t walk, and she had a lot of difficulty even holding herself in an upright position. Our mom adjusted her and sent her home with some exercises to work on, and she said she’d see her again next week. Less than two days later, Dice was walking. Her mom sent over some video and it looked like a completely different pup. After her second adjustment, Dice was RUNNING!!! We couldn’t believe our super sensitive kitty eyes but there it was, in video, Dice running around in the backyard. Needless to say her mama was incredibly happy, and just wished she had known about chiropractic sooner. Dice continues to improve and is one more example of how important the structure of our body is, because without proper structure, there is improper function!

Bichon Paralysis

Ziggy The Shih Tzu/Bichon & His Paralysis

Bichon ParalysisThis is Ziggy! Ziggy is an adorable shihtzu pup and only 3 years old. He’s full of life and wonderful faces. Only problem is Ziggy started having trouble with his back end this past winter. It would come and go where he would have episodes of dragging his hind end. The first couple of times it occurred, he was treated with steroids and those seemed to help him get back to his normal self. This last episode, however, was the worst and by far the most serious. Ziggy had almost no control of his back legs, only the slightest ability to use his right leg on carpet or grass. He was completely dragging his back end and having a great deal of trouble with bathroom breaks too. The steroid treatments that had been effective previously did nothing for him this time, in fact he seemed to be worsening. When his fur mom brought Ziggy to our mom, everyone had very high hopes, though all were concerned due to the amount of muscle mass the little guy had lost over the past few months. With diligent parents and weekly treatments, Ziggy went from dragging his back legs to running over the course of several treatments. With each one there seemed to be more improvement. A little hydrotherapy and some special socks also allowed Ziggy to build up some muscle he had lost. Ziggy is now fully functional, he walks, runs and jumps. His favorite activity is standing up on his back two legs, and his parents still cannot believe that this is the same dog they had back in May.

Animal Paralysis Improvement

Cookie, Her 4 Year Paralysis & It’s Improvement

Animal Paralysis ImprovementMeet Cookie. She is one heck of a gal. This pitbull is nine years old and loves to give kisses in excess. Cookie has had partial hind end paralysis for at least four years of her life. It happened out of nowhere several years ago and she’s never fully recovered. At the time her fur parents were told she had disc issues and they should go see a specialist, so they did. The specialist veterinarian told them if he were to operate on her, she would most likely come out worse than when she started. So her parents decided to let her be and see how she would function. Well, here we are four years later and she’s still happy as a clam. Cookie walks using her front limbs and with the help of a support underneath her belly. She can still move her back legs somewhat but has a lot of trouble getting her grip and strength up. She falls often and has trouble getting up and down. Her parents found our mom when they were looking for possible ways to help improve Cookie’s quality of life. Cookie has been seeing our mom now for a few months and each adjustment has proven better than the last. Most recently, in fact, Cookie’s dad commented on how Cookie was able to get up on her own and from behind she was walking without support, and he even confused her with one of his other dogs because she looked nothing like herself. She has finally been getting some sleep, and on that same note has been sleeping through the night, something she hadn’t done in years. She is actually able to walk without support on cement and on the grass, and she doesn’t fall over. Her paws are rarely curled under anymore and she seems to have a great deal more control than she has in years. Cookie is a work in progress and by no means is she one hundred percent. She has, however, come light years from where she started and we can tell she’s finally feeling more like herself. After over four years of not being able to walk, it’s nice to be able to help this lovebug reach more of her full potential. Our mom loves this spunky girl and she’s over the moon with how much she has improved under chiropractic care!

Dog Arthritis & Paralysis

Tara & Her Arthritis & Paralysis

Dog Arthritis & ParalysisThis gorgeous lady to your right is Tara. She is almost fourteen years old and a retired racing greyhound. Though not quite as fast as she once was, Tara still has that high prey drive and if given the chance to hunt down a chicken, she will bring you back a bird ready to be fried. Tara has been one of our mom’s clients for almost one year now, and she has certainly had her ups and downs! Tara’s fur parents found our mom because they were hoping to help her out in her old age. She had started having trouble with the stairs, both indoor and out, and was becoming a touch more lethargic. She had a particular leg that was giving her issues and was very spastic throughout her ribcage, and had been that way for years. After her very first adjustment Tara had an easier time standing, seemed to be prancing a touch, and even started doing the stairs again. Her spastic ribcage? All of a sudden it was gone. With each adjustment she continued to improve, and her fur mom could usually tell when she was due. After being seen regularly for several months, Tara took a nasty spill that left her partially paralyzed. She was dragging her back end, could hardly walk, and needed help going outside to go potty. For the first time in her life, Tara didn’t need to be leashed when going outside because there was no way for her to run away. Her parents were heartbroken and didn’t quite know what to do, so they called our mom and said it was an emergency. After seeing Tara, our mom knew this was a pivotal time. She told Tara’s parents to give her two weeks, and if Tara didn’t get any better in that amount of time, perhaps it was time to look at other options. Well, luckily for all parties involved that conversation never needed to be had. Tara started to improve immediately. Little by little her strength came back, and by her third visit Tara was jumping on couches again (though not as gracefully). It took approximately six weeks for Tara to regain near full control and every now and again she will have an accident, however, all in all Tara is back to her normal self. Because of her enthusiasm, it is as if a 3 year old greyhound is stuck in a teenagers body. She pushes herself to the limit and tends to bring injury upon her little racer body. The amazing thing is how quickly she is able to recover using alternative therapies such as laser and chiropractic in addition to some conventional medicine. She is by far one of the most determined greyhounds our mom has ever met, and she loves the fight this girl has to live and to live well!

Lab Mild Paralysis

Archie The Lab & His Mild Paralysis

Lab Mild Paralysis

This handsome gentleman to your left is none another than Archibald. Archibald just celebrated his 14th birthday and doesn’t look a day over 10. He gave his mom a bad scare a couple of months ago when he all of a sudden was unable to use his back legs. They weren’t functioning, he couldn’t get a grip, and he was dragging them when he tried to pull himself up. He was even having a difficult time feeling pain sensation in the one paw, which is not a good thing. Our mom found him to have a great deal going on. He had a lot of structural shifts within his spine, starting in his neck and going all the way down to his pelvis. His levels of sensitivity were through the roof and you could see that his fur was almost jumping off of him when you touched certain places. We are quite happy to report that Archibald began walking again after his first adjustment. Since he’s been under care his mom tells us that he has even been getting in and out of the car a bit more often and seems to have a touch more energy. He is much more comfortable in his daily routine and his sensitivity levels have dropped to normal. Archie is one happy man and we couldn’t be happier that our mom could help him feel more like himself!