Sorella the Beagle and Protective Care

sorellagucciniSorella the beagle has dealt with back pain, bladder issues, and skeletal problems. She came to us originally to work on her bladder problems but found that chiropractic was more or less protective for her. This little girl is the sister to Sofia, someone you’ve met before. She is considered a “senior” dog but her mannerisms are anything but. Sorella is an absolute love, she has spunk and loves to get into all sorts of beagle mischief. Several years back, she stupefied her veterinarians when she practically walked out of having back surgery, and within a day or two was running. No one believed how a dog that in all reality shouldn’t have been able to walk, was acting as if she had just woken up from a routine teeth cleaning.


Sorella has defied all odds when it comes to her spinal health. With a speedy recovery after having back surgery (something that rarely, if ever, occurs), she went back to her old beagle ways. Most recently, her fur mama had noticed she was getting an extreme number of urinary tract infections. Unsure of what to do, her fur mama consulted her human mama who suggested bringing her in to get adjusted. Sorella’s pelvis was notably fixated and her gait was not nearly as smooth as it could be. Though she wasn’t showing signs of back pain, her body was giving slight signals that she was a little off in her low back as well.


After Sorella’s first few treatments, she was like a puppy again. She was getting into trouble she hadn’t in years and getting away with it! She’s had a few instances where an ear infection has been avoided or shortened because she gets adjusted. On one particular instance, Sorella began limping and crying for no particular reason. After checking her out, her front right shoulder and elbow were completely locked. Moments after her adjustment she was already feeling 85% better. Her fur mama knows the importance of keeping this girls spine protected, and we see her regularly for check-ups. Watching Sorella become a puppy again has given us the greatest joy, and seeing our favorite beagle sisters come into the clinic brings happiness to our hearts!

Chong the Nervous Pup and Back Pain

ChongRoyThis handsome fellow is Chong. He is a rescue and the epitome of a lovebug, though it took him some time to warm up. He’s a touch nervous and anxious, and his mom could tell something was not quite right in his back end. Chong had always had a bit of a bump in his spine. The hunch that he had almost resembled that of a dinosaur, and it was extremely sensitive.

At his first visit, Chong was in such discomfort and so nervous that we were only able to work on one spot in his whole body. This was completely okay, not every animal is going to be instantly comfortable with being handled and touched.

With each following visit, Chong became more comfortable with his surroundings and with his favorite chiropractor. Though it took some time, we’ve now come to a point where Chong gets super excited to see us and is even tolerant of getting adjusted. The hunch in his back has gone down significantly, and after a few months of adjusting had completely leveled. Now he has a very active guy and he tends to throw himself out of whack. At this point, however, we have no issue putting him back together so he can go be as crazy as he pleases.

Chong is a great example of slow introductions. Once he realized that he felt better after being adjusted, he began to look forward to his visits rather than be terrified. Each animal is different; it’s all about respecting them and listening to their body language. By doing that, we were able to bring Chong into our hearts and never let him go!

neck pain

Vera the Borzoi Dealing With Severe Neck Pain

neck painVera the Borzoi with Neck Pain

Meet Vera the Borzoi. She is astoundingly beautiful and graceful at the same time. Vera has never been one to complain, and she always does her best for her mom. One morning, she woke up with extreme neck pain. She was hesitant to get up, put weight on her front left leg, and didn’t want to walk very far. Her fur mom and the vet couldn’t seem to find anything outwardly going on with her forelimbs or her neck.

What happens next?

Intuitively, her fur mama knew something was up, and when the vet suggested chiropractic may help to resolve the issue, she jumped right on board. On her first visit Vera did not want to put much weight on her front left leg. Interestingly enough, her leg had absolutely nothing going on that would cause this behavior. Upon further examination, Vera’s neck was a big mess. She could hardly turn her head to the left and was carrying it in a very stiff manner. Getting through the muscle spasm we could see something had shifted in her lower cervical spine that was impinging on the nerves here, thus causing the radiation down her front leg.

Gently, Vera got adjusted, and within the day she was using her front leg and turning her head. At her second visit she was so close to normal it was uncanny. Though it took several adjustments to fully relieve the pressure on the nerves, she managed to make a full recovery. Vera continues to come in monthly to help maintain her progress while also protecting her from other structural shifts that might take place due to her activity. Once in a blue moon she feels so great she will bolt down the stairs, and sometimes this can aggravate other areas in her spine. Luckily we are here to put her back together so she can go make new mistakes!

Casey The Jack Russell And Her Broken Jumper

Casey The Jack Russell And Her Broken Jumper

This sassy little Jack Russell is Casey. She is a terrier that manages to fill our hearts with love every time she pays us a visit. Casey has never necessarily suffered from any particular condition, instead she sees us for preventative and protective purposes. Casey is a very active girl, she hikes, she runs, she jumps out of windows and falls down stairs (much like many animals do) and her mom knows that all of these activiCasey The Jack Russell And Her Broken Jumperties (intentional and unintentional) can affect her structure, which in turn can affect her function. For example, Casey has a habit of being bowled over by bigger and more rambunctious pups. As these instances accumulate, Casey begins to slow down, walk a little sideways, tuck her tail, and her “jumper” will break. When her jumper is broken, no one is happy. This is where we come in to help put the pieces back together. Though Casey doesn’t have arthritis, torn ligaments or strained muscles, she does have structural shifts that take place in her pelvis and lumbars affecting her ability to move her best, and these if left unaddressed could easily lead to more serious conditions. When she gets adjusted, these shifts are restored to normal and her jumper turns back on. We love it when Casey comes to see us mainly because we enjoy her company, but we also love being able to help this girl feel her best each day!

Airedale and Arthritis

Duke the Airedale and His Arthritis

DukeAversaDuke here is a “senior” Airedale. When first meeting Duke, he was struggling and really having a hard time with his aching body. He was slow, a bit lethargic, and quite shaky in his back end. Arthritis seemed to be the least of his problems. His fur mom was really sad watching him age and was hoping there was something that could be done to help his quality of life. Duke had multiple areas of structural shifting going on, primarily in his pelvis, triggering his shakiness and likely making it difficult for him to move as easily as he once had. After his first adjustment, Duke’s mom reported a different dog had come home with her. He was energetic, excited, and even a little bit playful. The tension in his back had disappeared and the shaking was also gone. Duke had decided he wanted to walk more and even started to run around the backyard again. His eyes seemed lighter and his general body became less tight as his pelvis started to stabilize. This guy continues to get adjusted each month because it helps him keep his puppy-like demeanor, something we are so happy he was able to find again!

Maeve and her Completely Torn Cruciate Ligament

Maeve here first came to us because of a completely torn cruciate ligament. She was running around one day and came in from outside with her fourth leg completely tucked up and non weight bearing. After going to the vet it was determined the ligament was torn and she would need surgery and extensive kennel rest. Only problem was that Maeve’s fur mama had no interest in doing surgery if she didn’t have to, and instead she turned to alternative therapies including chiropractic and essential oils. Because Maeve had a completely torn ligament, we knew the road was going to be a bit longer for her. She is technically considered a senior dog and yet still remains very active. One of her all-time favorite things to do is run around up north, something she wasn’t going to be able to do if she had the surgery. During her first few weeks of adjustments, Maeve improved only slightly. By the second month, however, Maeve turned a corner. She was able to put about 75% pressure on that back leg and a majority of the time she was able to move without a significant limp. By the end of the second month, the limp was barely noticeable and Maeve was practically back to her old self. Three months of adjustments in and Maeve was good as new, if not better. She was able to go up to the cottage and run around the property and she did not return limping. She was weight bearing at all times and there were no signs of a limp to be found. Her other hip and knee remained completely stable during the healing process so there was a much lower chance of her blowing out the other ligament. She walked daily and did her at-home exercises to maintain muscle strength. Over one year later and Maeve is doing fantastic. She runs, jumps, and plays, without an ounce of hesitation and her knees couldn’t be stronger. There is no arthritis, no scar tissue, and no limitations in her mobility, something that could not be said had she undergone surgery. Today Maeve is one happy girl and we love her dearly!


Ellie The Frenchie & Her Spondylosis

EllieMertzThis big eared and bright-eyed girl is Ellie. Ellie is in the early part of her elder years and she has long dealt with spondylosis. This is a broad term used to describe several conditions in the spine, often including narrowing of the spinal canal, spinal stenosis, early stage arthritis, and overall degenerative changes leading to pain and stiffness.

In Ellie’s case, her bones had begun to fuse and the disc space that should have been between each vertebrae had narrowed tremendously. This resulted in severe arthritis in her spine and very limited range of motion. She received steroids to help her condition, and they often did, though only temporarily. As she aged, her fur mama was concerned with the repetitive use of the steroids and what that was doing to her Ellie’s body. Though not completely sold on chiropractic care, her mama decided she was willing to give it a shot to see if this alternative could help her baby girl. Ellie did wonderfully. She started to move better, became more fluid and have greater stability, and she was even able to recover quicker after a spill. She began to be more puppy like than she’d been in quite some time and this warmed everyone’s hearts. Ellie was finally able to get some relief from the severe arthritis without having to undergo any invasive procedures or be on medication constantly. Inherently, structure will determine function, so when the structure shifts away from normal, function will too. With adjustments, we have been able to restore some of the normalcy into Ellie’s spine and thus help return some higher functioning into her daily life. Ellie is truly a light in our day and we are so glad her fur mama took a chance on chiropractic, for if she hadn’t those big ears would have never been apart of our journey.

Seizures and Shakiness

Fluke the Hound and his Struggle with Seizures and Shakiness

Dog Seizures and ShakinessThis handsome fellow is Fluke. He is part great dane and part hound, an absolutely perfect mix. With large floppy ears and a voice that will melt your heart, Fluke is definitely a sight for sore eyes. Now this big guy is middle-aged as far as we are concerned and had been a long time sufferer of seizures, ear issues, and severe stiffness and shaking in his back legs. At first Fluke was a little hesitant with us, uncertain of what was going on and truly dealing with some hidden pain. His legs were arthritic and his cervical spine severely rotated, likely contributing to both his ear problems and his seizures. After his first few adjustments, Fluke was like a new pup. His shaking had gone down, his legs moved better, he could sit without completely flopping down, and his ears had lost almost all of their redness. Fluke has only had two incidences since beginning his chiropractic journey where he experienced a seizure and both times occurred right before his adjustment. After figuring out the timing, Fluke’s fur mama decided to move his adjustment up by one week to see if this would alleviate the issue and thus far it has done the trick. Fluke is now completely willing to be worked on, he doesn’t mind having his paws touched or his back end wiggled. He has even decided to start greeting folks by standing up so that he can be eye level. Fluke is definitely feeling better on all counts and we love that he has become such an integral part of our lives because he brings such joy to everyone he meets!

Duke and His Prevention

Duke the Golden Pup & His prevention!

Duke and His PreventionTake a moment to say hello to Duke, the golden retriever. This isn’t just any golden retriever, he’s the self-acclaimed nephew of our mom. Duke is a lively man that just can’t get enough of the water, sticks, chew toys, and rocks. He enjoys long swims in the lake, boat rides, lounging on shag carpet, and extremely long belly rubs (can you blame him?). Well, Duke is just a puppy, and as a puppy, he plays rough. He has taken several tumbles and with his own parents being in the chiropractic family, they noticed fairly quickly that his walk just wasn’t right. Upon examination, Duke was found to have structural shifting all over the place. He puts his body to the test daily, and though for the most part it held up, it still internalized a great deal of stress and tension. Duke is seen regularly to help put back the pieces where he tends to fall apart, and though he can hide his weaknesses from most, Auntie Christina always finds just the right spots. Duke is a prime example as to why puppies, though they may not be showing symptoms, need to be checked just as any older animal!

Arthritis In Older Dogs

Mac and Indie, “Senior” Pups Struggling With Arthritis

Arthritis In Older DogsArthritis In Senior DogsMeet McKinley and India, also known as Mac and Indie. These two massive furballs are some of the sweetest pups in all the land. Both of these babies are in their “senior” years because of their size. Because of how large they are, Mac and Indie’s fur parents heard about chiropractic and thought it would be a great compliment to their lives. Mac suffers from serious arthritis in both of his knees and a lot of stiffness in his back. He limped regularly and was incredibly cautious with stairs. Despite being older, Indie was in better shape than Mac, though still had the beginning stages of arthritis. As prevention for one and palliative for the other, chiropractic has helped them both tremendously. Though the treatments cannot reverse the arthritis already present, what it can do is help stabilize the joints while also returning any structural shifts away from normal back to where they should be. When that imbalance is restored, the body will not need to form additional arthritis to help accommodate weight shifting. Now when these two see their favorite animal chiropractor coming down the drive they absolutely go nuts. Mac will rush down the stairs to say hello and Indie can’t help but run and jump around like a puppy. Though a limp will show up once in a while, Mac is able to recover quickly and Indie remains in tip top shape.