Dog Elbow Dysplasia

Tucker The Lab With Elbow Dysplasia & Mild Seizures

Dog Elbow DysplasiaSay hello to Tucker! Tucker is an almost four-year-old black lab with some of the most loving fur parents a guy could have. He’s sweet, he’s charming, and he loves to give our mom big fat kisses. You may be wondering why a pup so young started seeing our mom, so we figured we’d tell you. Tucker had both of his elbows operated on at a very young age because of abnormal bony fragments and growth. Since then he’d always had a bit of an on again off again limp when walking. Walking with his dad is by far one of his most favorite activities so this just wasn’t going to do. Also, he had started to have seizure-like episodes and his parents were worried. They had been going to the chiropractor for themselves for quite some time so they thought maybe getting Tucker adjusted would be their answer. Thus far, they have been correct. Tucker has been under chiropractic care for nearly one year and during that time has not had one episode, nor has he had any limping issues. His elbows are as stable as they can be and he’s got a great deal of energy, perfect for playing with his new baby sister Lily. Tucker has become part of our family over the last year, and we are so happy our mom was blessed enough to meet his fur parents!

Dog Growing Pains

Bear & Bella, Growing Pains & Preventative Care

Dog Growing PainsWe’ve got an action packed update for everyone today. Not one, but two, of our stunning malamutes are being featured this holiday week. Meet Bear and Bella, two alaskan malamute malute pups that are just under two years of age. These two have been seeing our mom for over one year now, and they have made tremendous progress. When Bear first started seeing our mom, he was going through a great deal of growing pains, something that isn’t hard to imagine when putting on one hundred pounds in several months. He would limp off and on and just didn’t seem very comfortable. His energy levels were down and he just wasn’t acting the way a puppy, regardless of size, should act. After nearly one year of consistent care, Bear has gotten rid of his limp, his growing has slowed but his size continues to become more massive as his activity levels have risen. He loves the dog park and will go on longer walks now that he’s feeling more up to it. His sister Bella, though not nearly as large, also has energy for days. She loves to swim in her pool and manages to keep her body in pretty great shape. The two often rough house and that in itself is its own set of traumas and injuries. In order to maintain their stable structures, chiropractic has become part of their regular regimen. We love these two snuggle monsters!

Cat Hypersensitivity

Louise, The Cat With A Constant Limp & Hypersensitivity

Cat HypersensitivityThis adorable kitty to the left is Louise. She is a lovely lady that is quite feisty. For the past year she has been getting adjusted because she had a lot of trouble with her forelimb along with twitching and spasms in her back. When she was younger, Louise actually got stuck hanging from a window from her one paw for several hours. Since that point she seemed to always have occasional issues with her front leg. Down her spine her entire back would twitch when being petted. Her mom thought perhaps chiropractic would help her situation, especially since it seemed to be structural. After a few adjustments, Louise had a great deal of improvement in both her legs and in her back spasms. She started greeting her mom in the morning and actually coming down for breakfast rather than staying up in bed. Now, after a year, Louise gets checked every couple of months just to make sure she hasn’t re-injured that front shoulder, and she couldn’t be healthier!

Beagle Disc Disease

Sofia The Beagle With Disc Disease

Beagle Disc DiseaseSofia the beagle is one of our happiest and sweetest girls. She always lights up the room upon her entrance and loves to snuggle our mom when she gets adjusted. Hard to believe that she first came to see our mom with a not-so-good diagnosis of disc disease or disc bulge, and that she may not have a good outlook. Well her parents thought there may be more options, and at the suggestion of a friend, decided to try out chiropractic for their pooch. Well miss

Sofia arrived, tail between legs, lower back really hurting, and a slight limp in the back end. She wasn’t feeling herself and her parents were worried. After her first adjustment Sofia bounced back very quickly. With each adjustment Sofia continued to improve, the limp disappeared and the pain in her back lessened. Sofia is now 100% back to her old self, if not feeling even better. She continues to visit her chiropractor in order to maintain the correct structure, something her disc disease makes somewhat difficult. She is only lovely girl and our mom is glad she could help her feel better!