Bunny Sinus Trouble

Temperance The Bunny & Her Sinus Trouble

Bunny Sinus TroubleFinally a change of pace! Our mom has been working so much with dogs that we thought she’d forgotten about us…and other species. Today we’d like to talk about Temperance, a four-legged fur baby of the smaller variety. Tempy (as she’s called by her parents) is a lovely little bunny rabbit that turned five years old recently. She enjoys the good life, lots of veggies, playtime and playmates, and endless hours of snuggling. There was just one problem, Tempy had a chronic case of the sniffles, or as we like to call it her never-ending cold. She would sneeze, clean her nose, sneeze again, and again, and then again. She just couldn’t beat whatever was causing her to have such bad nose problems. The worst part is that her sniffles didn’t seem to correlate with the seasons, allergies, diet, or anything. Her parents didn’t know what to do and they were worried about their little girl. They met Dr. Christina at a talk she gave at their own chiropractor’s office and decided that this was something they needed to try for Tempy. That very next week our mom started to adjust Temperance, who had an incredibly rotated bone at the very top of her skull. It took some getting used to, but after she completed her initial phase of care Temperance was down to only the occasional sneeze and almost a completely clear nose. All parties involved were so excited to help this sweet little girl, and now she can finally stop and smell the roses!

Breathing, Itching, & Digestive Issues

Spirit & His Trouble Breathing, Itching, & Digestive Issues

Breathing,     Itching,   & Digestive IssuesIntroducing Spirit, a spunky American Eskimo that has endless energy. Spirit has been seeing our mom for about one year now and he has transformed incredibly. When he first came to her, Spirit was having awful digestive problems, lockjaw, and a very itchy hind end that he couldn’t stop biting. His first evaluation revealed some structural issues in his midback and ribcage. Our mom explained that often times when there is pressure on the spinal cord and nerves in a specific area, the body will react in a patterned way. For instance, where Spirit was having trouble related directly to his symptoms. The levels of the spine where the nerves where being impinged actually are the same nerves affecting digestive organs. His jaw was also incredibly locked up and loosened almost immediately after his first adjustment. To top it all off Spirit had some structural shifting going on in his pelvic girdle, contributing to the constant itch of his back end. After his first few adjustments Spirit was like a new dog. His jaw was moving and grooving, he was able to eat his food and actually absorbed nutrients. His digestive problems were markedly improved and shortly thereafter the biting of the back end stopped. Spirit continues to be seen for maintenance and he has finally found that relief he needed so desperately!