Dog Locked Up Jaw Disorder

Mable The Pitt & Her Locked Up Jaw Disorder

Dog Locked Up Jaw DisorderMeet miss Mable. Mable here is just a puppy and within the first week of being adopted was already having problems. Her problems weren’t exactly run of the mill though because they had to do with her poor jaw. Mable could only open her mouth a fraction of what is considered normal and when she did there was a popping sound each time. She looked like she wanted to yawn but just couldn’t complete the task. Her new fur parents were very concerned! In addition to her jaw problems the poor girl was incredibly itchy, hot to the touch, and had a tinge of pink to her coat. Her visits to the vet proved uneventful as they could find nothing wrong with her jaw and told her parents that some dogs were just “hot” all the time. This didn’t quite sit right with Mable’s new mom so she found our mom. On her first visit, Mable had one of the tightest temporomandibular joints (TMJ) our mom had ever seen. For such a young pup she certainly had done some damage to her TMJ. She had multiple areas already shifting within her spine, some of which were correlating exactly with where she was warmer. After her first adjustment Mable had one of the biggest yawns ever. By her second adjustment, her jaw had improved light-years and she was able to open her mouth twice as far as she could originally. The popping was happening, though less frequently, and shockingly she was no longer exceptionally warm. After her second adjustment, Mable’s TMJ issues were completely resolved. Now if there’s ever a time where it begins to act up, Mable’s mom knows who to call, and our mom is so happy she could help this young pup get the best nap of her life!

Breathing, Itching, & Digestive Issues

Spirit & His Trouble Breathing, Itching, & Digestive Issues

Breathing,     Itching,   & Digestive IssuesIntroducing Spirit, a spunky American Eskimo that has endless energy. Spirit has been seeing our mom for about one year now and he has transformed incredibly. When he first came to her, Spirit was having awful digestive problems, lockjaw, and a very itchy hind end that he couldn’t stop biting. His first evaluation revealed some structural issues in his midback and ribcage. Our mom explained that often times when there is pressure on the spinal cord and nerves in a specific area, the body will react in a patterned way. For instance, where Spirit was having trouble related directly to his symptoms. The levels of the spine where the nerves where being impinged actually are the same nerves affecting digestive organs. His jaw was also incredibly locked up and loosened almost immediately after his first adjustment. To top it all off Spirit had some structural shifting going on in his pelvic girdle, contributing to the constant itch of his back end. After his first few adjustments Spirit was like a new dog. His jaw was moving and grooving, he was able to eat his food and actually absorbed nutrients. His digestive problems were markedly improved and shortly thereafter the biting of the back end stopped. Spirit continues to be seen for maintenance and he has finally found that relief he needed so desperately!