Chihuahua Paralysis

Grace The Chihuahua & Her Paralysis

Chihuahua ParalysisThis sassy little girl is Gracie, a chihuahua with a great deal of spunk. She came to our mom because she had lost the majority of function in her hind legs. There was no rhyme or reason as to why Gracie could no longer walk normally or even hold herself up, but trust us she was not happy about this change. You see Gracie was very much a diva, and she did not like change in her life, especially when it altered her ability to move around! Her fur mama decided she would try getting Gracie adjusted and hoped that that would help with her partial paralysis. After her very first adjustment Gracie had begun to use her legs again. Though it was by no means perfect, her perseverance was clear as by the time she came back for another adjustment she was able to walk again! Though the walk may not have been as straight as before, the wiggle she developed matched her sassy personality. Gracie continues to improve and has been moving and grooving just as any princess should!

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