Greyhound & Arthritis

Oliver The Italian Greyhound & Arthritis

Greyhound & ArthritisOliver here is a handsome Italian greyhound. He is a senior (but don’t tell him that) and was starting to slow down and just not act like his normal self. For an older pup, Oliver had always had energy up the wazoo. He liked to walk, run, and play with his human family. In the middle of the summer he started to struggle with his hind end and had lost a lot of his playfulness. Worried that his arthritis was getting the best of him, his fur parents decided to start looking at other options to help improve his quality of life. When they ended up meeting our mom, Oliver was a little nervous and was very sore in his lower back and back legs. He did a great job while getting adjusted and our mom could tell he was going to do just fantastic. With every visit, Oliver was improving. He was jumping, walking, running, going upstairs, and his playfulness had been sparked again. Oliver could finally move with ease again because his skeletal system was moving better and pressure had been released. Oliver continues to get adjusted to maintain all the work that has been done and because he does notably better when under a regular care schedule. We love this stud muffin and are so happy to have him in our family!

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