Pain relief for pets

pain relief for pets

Our society has a habit of masking symptoms rather than addressing them.  For example, if we have knee pain we pain relief for petstake a pain pill.  However, what does this pill really do?  It more or less tricks the body into thinking there is no problem with the knee – even though there clearly is.  Pain is a warning sign, kind of like the flashing symbol you might see in your car when the gasoline is low.  Now, there are without a doubt times where pharmaceuticals are beneficial.  However, we tend to abuse the system and ignore the underlying problem.  Our pets suffer from the same problems we do, and we often treat them the same.  When it comes to pain relief for pets, there are numerous ways to approach it.  However, did you know animal chiropractic care is an effective, natural option for your pet?

Chiropractic care and pain relief for pets

We have many clients that make their way to us because they want to try a different approach for their pet’s pain.  Often, we hear that their prescribed medication makes their dog sleep all day and affects their behavior.  They miss the way their dog behaved when they were healthy.  We don’t blame them.  Our pets are our family and it is not easy seeing them go through a rough patch.  Our goal with care is to help address any underlying problems that may be the cause of pain and get them back to their healthy self.  So, what is it that animal chiropractors do then?

Board certified animal chiropractors are trained to examine the joints of the spine and extremities for any abnormalities, known as structural shifts.  Structural shifts are problematic for numerous reasons.  They cause inflammation that stresses the muscles, joints, discs, and nerves of the body.  This leads to pain, muscle spasm, and prevents the body from healing itself and functioning optimally among other things.  Correcting these structural shifts helps pets recover from their pain and allows them to heal.

How long does it take to see results?

The great thing about animal chiropractic is that it doesn’t take long to see results!  We have a “trial period” of three visits to see if it will be an effective treatment.  The good news?  We frequently see results soon after the first adjustment and almost all pets see improvement by the third visit.

Seeing our pets in pain is a tough ordeal.  Pills certainly help, but should be a short term strategy until the primary cause is addressed.  The good news is that their are natural ways to treat the underlying problem.  One of these is animal chiropractic.  Don’t know where to find one?  Click here to find one near you!

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