kibble for healthy dog

Turmeric for your dog

Turmeric for your dog

People often ask us what supplements we recommend for their dogs.  That is a great question that truly depends on the condition an animal presents with.  However, one supplement we recommend for pretty much any condition is turmeric.  Turmeric is a strong anti-inflammatory that helps with joint pain in addition to numerous other benefits.  It is one of our favorite supplements to complement chiropractic care.  So, why use turmeric for your dog?  Read on to find out.

Why turmeric for your dog?

Turmeric helps with numerous conditions including pain, blood clots, irritable bowel disease, doggy dementia, and more.  It does this by behaving as a natural, powerful anti-inflammatory.  This is important because unfortunately, many dog diets are carbohydrate heavy.  Most mainstream dog foods feature grain or potato. These break down to sugar when the body metabolizes them.  Sugar is pro-inflammatory and leads to a whole litany of side effects.  If your dog is taking turmeric, it can help counter this and all of the negative effects of chronic inflammation.

Why is turmeric a great complement to chiropractic care?

As mentioned previously,  turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory.  The majority of people who bring their dogs, horses, or cats to us do so because they are in pain – or just not moving as well as they usually do.  Inflammation initiates the pain response in the body.  If we can minimize it, our pets experience less pain.  Therefore, turmeric is a great supplement for joint pain.

Additionally, inflammation is known to contribute to degeneration of joints.  Have you heard of arthritis?  Most people have.  Arthritis is the result of an abnormal load on a joint.  The pathological load leads to inflammation.  Prolonged exposure to abnormal loading and inflammation eventually wears down the joint leading to arthritis.  As animal chiropractors, are goal is to restore normal motion and alignment to the joints.  This will help reduce inflammation in the area.  However, adding turmeric expedites this process and gets your pup feeling better faster!

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to turmeric.  Adding a natural anti-inflammatory supplement helps counter so many things, including the effects of a pro-inflammatory diet.  Additionally, it is a great complement to animal chiropractic care and enhances recovery.  There are a bunch of supplements on the market, but turmeric for your dog is as close to a home run as you can get!

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