neck pain

Vera the Borzoi Dealing With Severe Neck Pain

neck painVera the Borzoi with Neck Pain

Meet Vera the Borzoi. She is astoundingly beautiful and graceful at the same time. Vera has never been one to complain, and she always does her best for her mom. One morning, she woke up with extreme neck pain. She was hesitant to get up, put weight on her front left leg, and didn’t want to walk very far. Her fur mom and the vet couldn’t seem to find anything outwardly going on with her forelimbs or her neck.

What happens next?

Intuitively, her fur mama knew something was up, and when the vet suggested chiropractic may help to resolve the issue, she jumped right on board. On her first visit Vera did not want to put much weight on her front left leg. Interestingly enough, her leg had absolutely nothing going on that would cause this behavior. Upon further examination, Vera’s neck was a big mess. She could hardly turn her head to the left and was carrying it in a very stiff manner. Getting through the muscle spasm we could see something had shifted in her lower cervical spine that was impinging on the nerves here, thus causing the radiation down her front leg.

Gently, Vera got adjusted, and within the day she was using her front leg and turning her head. At her second visit she was so close to normal it was uncanny. Though it took several adjustments to fully relieve the pressure on the nerves, she managed to make a full recovery. Vera continues to come in monthly to help maintain her progress while also protecting her from other structural shifts that might take place due to her activity. Once in a blue moon she feels so great she will bolt down the stairs, and sometimes this can aggravate other areas in her spine. Luckily we are here to put her back together so she can go make new mistakes!

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