What is kibble?

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We often get asked for nutrition advice with respect to pets.  We are by no mean experts, but we do hear a lot of things through the grape vine.  Nutrition is a super complex issue and there are many foods out there.  There is wet, freeze-dried, raw, kibble and more.  This blog’s purpose isn’t to compare the different types of foods.  Rather, it is to describe what kibble is and explain why you might want to feed a high quality product if you choose to feed kibble.

When was kibble created?

Kibble was invented in the 1850’s by an electrician named James Spratt who saw dogs eating left over biscuits on a ship dock.  Being a quick thinking entrepreneur, he realized there was a need for a food source in the community of pet owners.  Dogs were transitioning from working farm animals to integral parts of urban families, and they needed to be fed.  Spratt decided to mix flour, vegetables, beef blood and a few other ingredients to create a cost effective food source with a long shelf life.

What is kibble?

Kibble is essentially a combination of ingredients that are baked together to create the firm pellets we are all familiar with.  There are many benefits to using it.  To begin with, it is very convenient to use.  An owner can purchase a large bag that can last many months because of its shelf life.  Additionally, it can be stored in many environments and is very easy to feed.  Also, formulas can be modified to fit the different life stage of a dog.  No wonder it is the most popular food type for our pets!  However, are all kibbles the same?

Quality of the kibble matters

As I mentioned previously, kibble is a combination of many ingredients baked together.  However, not all brands are the same.  Many brands feature byproducts, toxins, and don’t always use high quality ingredients.  Your pet’s body is no different than than yours.  It requires excellent nutrition in order to function properly.  If it doesn’t get the necessary building blocks, it can lead to chronic disease, diarrhea, and much more.  Therefore, don’t reach for a bag just because it is the cheapest.  Rather, check the ingredients and make sure your dog is eating something that provides a benefit.

As you now know, kibble is the result of an entrepreneurial mind that solved a massive need in the 1800’s.  Because of its convenience and long shelf life, many owners choose to feed their pets kibble.  However, all kibble is not the same.  Make sure when you check the label of your pet’s food to ensure it is the highest quality kibble possible!

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