Why should I continue visiting the animal chiropractor?

animal chiropractor

animal chiropractor

Why would anyone continue visiting the animal chiropractor after their pet is better?  After all, your pup came in with a limp and now it is gone.  So, the original problem is corrected – right?  The answer to that is probably yes.  However, there are multiple reasons to get checked every few months if your pet has suffered in the past.  We discuss a few reasons why below.

Your pet always shows pain, right?

Actually, many pets don’t show pain or an injury until it is advanced.  The reason for this has a little to do with evolution.  In the wild, an animal that shows weakness moves to the bottom of the food chain.  Predators try and sniff out the injured ones for an easy meal.  Therefore, it is best for an animal to avoid showing injury.  However, they feel pain just like you and I.  An animal chiropractor is trained to identify problems in the spine and joints before your pet shows any issues.  Getting periodic check ups will help catch issues before they become a big problem.

Starting over care may be more expensive in the long run

The great thing about animal chiropractic is that animals tend to respond quickly, and it is a much cheaper alternative than surgery and other costly options.  However, if your pet has gone through care before you understand that it takes a little more time up front to help them get back to normal.  Once they are back to normal, you definitely want to keep them that way.  A visit every few months can usually help maintain that.  However, if a pet goes longer without a check up sometimes the original injury returns.  The animal will require the same amount of care in frequency and duration as it did the initial visit.  It is much easier to try and protect the spine again regression!

Should you visit an animal chiropractor if your pet has never had a problem?

I would highly recommend periodic visits for a pet even if it hasn’t had problems before.  A healthy pet will not require an intense period of care up front.  Rather, the animal chiropractor will be able to assess the health of the spine and make recommendations based off that.  Frequently, animals that have never suffered with an injury can go months without a check up.  Fortunately, a periodic check up will catch any small issues before they snowball down the road into something serious.

So, why would someone continue visiting the animal chiropractor after they pet is healthy?  As we’ve discussed, animals don’t show pain unless it’s advanced, it is more cost effective in the long run typically, and you can catch small issues before they become major problems.  Interested in learning more?  Visit us at www.advancedanimalchiropractic.com.


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