Welcome! Let us begin by saying we are happy to have you visiting our page, and we hope you come away with the knowledge and answers you need. Due to the nature of our business it seems the majority of our visitors are referred here, regardless of how you got here, we are most certainly glad you came. We are a different type of practice as you’ve likely already figured out- and assuming you have yet to encounter animal chiropractic before, we bet you have several questions.

This site is not meant to be overbearing or overwhelming, but rather informative and educational. You will not find coupons for “Free Exams”, “Free Vitamins”, or anything of that sort. What you will have is learning experience that – in the end, will have you looking at your calendar and scheduling a consultation for your furry one. In our practice we are happy to provide phone consultations before you ever schedule a visit. These are meant to be conversations, where we learn a little about your pet, and you learn a little about us.

Dr. Christina Cole and Dr. Grant Tully are located in Southeastern Michigan. Our practice travels between a variety of veterinary offices and locations so that you never have to travel too far to see us. We work exclusively with animals, are board certified through the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association, and can be found practicing in conjunction with Veterinarians across the state. Upon request we also have mobile hours for those in need of a home visit.

Our phone number is: 248-602-0807

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