Chloe with Disc Disease and her Partial Paralysis

Chloe came to see us in the fall of 2017 partially paralyzed in her hind end. This little munchkin is a “senior” chihuahua but there’s nothing senior about her. She had no history of back end issues or lameness. What began as a wobbly walk turned into total paresis within 24 hours. After visiting the neurologist she was diagnosed with IVDD and likely a disc rupture that would require an MRI and surgery. Chloe’s owner wasn’t sold however and wanted to try the alternative route first.

At her first visit Chloe did not have any use in her back legs and she would drag herself everywhere. She had mild deep pain response and was severely hunch backed. She was sweet as ever but we could tell she was uncomfortable. After just her first visit Chloe was showing signs of improvement. Over the next two weeks Chloe was adjusted 4 times, and by her fifth visit she was standing and able to walk without knuckling.

After a total of seven adjustments her owner reported a 95% return to normal with only the occasional hesitation with stairs or jumping. Chloe was never on any medications nor did she do anything outside of her normal routine aside from chiropractic adjustments. It is absolutely amazing what can be done without ever needing surgery with dogs dealing with disc issues, and Chloe is a prime example!

Watch Chloe’s before and after video below!

Natural Solution for Paralyzed Dogs

One moment your dog is running blissfully through the yard – then suddenly, without warning, he begins dragging his hind legs.  A paralyzed dog is a terrifying ordeal for pet owners that typically results in a visit to the closest emergency vet.  After a set of x-rays, your vet will recommend steroids, pain killers, muscle relaxants, or surgery depending on the severity of the disc problem in your dog’s back.  Three of the options tend to hide the problem rather than addressing it.  The other one, surgery, is an expensive and invasive procedure – but, is unfortunately sometimes necessary.  However, for cases where surgery isn’t required (a large percent of cases we see), are there any other options for your pet?

In the human world, chiropractic is known for helping treat back and neck problems conservatively.  Did you know it is also effective for treating an under-served population, your pets?  At Advanced Animal Chiropractic, we provide IVCA board certified chiropractic care for your fur family.

How does animal chiropractic care help paralyzed dogs?

Certain breeds are predisposed to disc injuries, such as dachshunds.  As a matter of fact, the majority of paralyzed dogs that make it to our practice are doxies.  However, it can affect any breed.  Typically, the joints where the disc injury occurs are under a lot of stress.  Over time, the stress causes the dysfunctional area of the spine to quit moving as well as it should.  This leads to increased pressure on the disc and eventually it can bulge into the spinal canal.  When this occurs, the bulge applies pressure to the spinal cord and nerves resulting in paralysis in the back end.

To correct this, we need to correct the mechanics of the affected joint, and all of the joints around it.  This is where animal chiropractic comes into play.  Initially, we focus on traction to decompress the dog’s spine.  It is the same principle used in human chiropractic.  Since the joint and disc are compressed, we need to apply the opposite force to reduce the abnormal pressure.  Applying traction to the dog’s spine helps relieve compression.

Animal chiropractors evaluate the entire spine as well.  If the hips aren’t moving well, then other areas of the spine will need to move more to compensate.  This compensation leads to abnormal stress on joints which progressively contributes to disc disease over time.  Animal chiropractors are trained to find structural issues in the spine and correct them using very gentle adjustments.

Are there differences between human and animal chiropractic?

There are numerous differences between animal chiropractic and “human chiropractic.”  Some of these differences include:

  • There is no twisting or popping.  This is often a point of concern for many people trying chiropractic for the first time.  Don’t worry, your pet won’t experience any from a certified animal chiropractor.
  • It is so gentle it is almost underwhelming.
  • Animals respond much quicker. There is no need for care plans that last months on end.  We typically know within 3 visits whether or not an animal will benefit.

Animal chiropractors are specifically trained to work with your pets and are certified via the International Veterinary Chiropractic Association or the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association.  To complete the program, you must be a licensed veterinarian or chiropractor.

Want to learn more?

Advanced Animal Chiropractic serves Southeastern Michigan.  Interested in learning more about how we can help paralyzed dogs affected by disc disease?  Contact us here or give us a call at (248)606-0136.  Want to learn more about products we recommend for animals of all stages?  You can check out our favorite products.

Daisy the Doxie Walks Again After IVDD

This little weenie pup is Daisy. She is sassy, sweet, and leader of her pack at home. So when she became partially paralyzed in her back end things did not look good. After visiting the conventional veterinarian, Daisy’s parents were told that they needed to do a serious surgery or euthanize. Sadly because of her paralysis this clinic even refused to trim her nails until a decision was made. Fed up and truly upset, Daisy’s family began asking around and looking at other options, which is when they found chiropractic.


Daisy had very little feeling in her back legs and wasn’t moving them at all on her first visit. She exhibited all the symptoms associated with a ruptured disc including a severe roaching of her lower back. She was curved in almost a U-shape. Daisy was not in any pain but she had lost all function.


On visit two Daisy was already pulling her legs underneath her. By her third visit she was able to get on top of her knees and by visit four Daisy was walking like a drunkard. Within six visits Daisy went from partially paralyzed to walking like her normal self. She was not on any medication and aside from chiropractic was not doing any other conventional treatments. Her fur parents were diligent and hopeful, and we are so thankful they put their trust in our hands! Watch a video of Daisy’s progress to truly see what a miracle she is!

Daisy Before and After Chiropractic Care

Maddie’s Paws Made for Walking!

Meet Maddie. This little spitfire came to us with little to no function in her back legs. It had happened suddenly and without warning. Fortunately for Maddie, her family had dealt with a similar situation with their other dog a few years prior. When they were told her only options were surgery or euthanasia, they disagreed heartily. The same had been presented for their other dog years before and they opted to do what they could without surgery and make her as comfortable as possible. Lucky for their other pup, they had the wherewithal to do water therapy and physical therapy daily. The dog regained her footing and never went under the knife.


When a similar situation happened to Maddie, they were prepared for the bad news from the conventional doctor and were ready to defy expectations again. This time around they also added in chiropractic to Maddie’s healing process. Maddie was in significant discomfort, and she desperately wanted to walk, but her poor little legs just wouldn’t function. She had a serious disc bulge that may have even ruptured. From the outsider things didn’t look good, however, her family had hope.


Maddie underwent chiropractic care for approximately one month, and in that month she went from immobile to walking and running like a champ. Between her daily physical therapy and her adjustments, Maddie has regained full function and her family couldn’t be happier. We love this little lady and are so happy to see her kicking puppy butt in all walks of life! Watch her before and after video below to see her amazing progress.

Maddie Before and After Chiropractic Visits!

Heidi’s Paralysis

heidigrossHeidi here is one of our walking miracles. We say this because she had paralysis in both her front and back limbs. Heidi was fine one minute and the next her fur mom went to go let her in from outside and she couldn’t move. There was no rhyme or reason, no injury, no accident, just a little dachschund that could no longer stand up. After immediately rushing to the vet there was little that could be discerned other than a likely ruptured disc, a tumor, or something attacking her spinal cord. After running a myriad of tests there was still no definitive answer, and with that the veterinarian suggested trying chiropractic. He knew the importance of spinal alignment for the nervous system function, and realized that the reason a disc may have burst could easily have been from misalignment and lead to the paralysis.

At her first adjustment Heidi could hardly drag herself along. She couldn’t maintain a stand when put into the position, and her limbs were all fairly flaccid. Heidi was in severe pain in her neck and in her lower midback. Both areas were fixated and she had little to no spinal movement. She adjusted well and was sent home knowing this was going to be a long road. Well Heidi didn’t like that plan, she decided she didn’t like being an invalid. By the next weeks adjustment Heidi was walking. Though the gait was unsteady, she was actually lifting herself up and walking throughout the front lobby.

After her second adjustment she started running and her walking gait steadied. By her fourth visit Heidi was jumping again. You would never know this was the same girl that we had seen just one month prior. Heidi defied all odds and she continues to maintain her spinal alignment with monthly adjustments. We are ecstatic that she came so far so quickly, something that is certainly not the norm. The importance of alignment is shown clearly in her case. When joints don’t move properly, the discs become the victims and can easily bulge. A bulging disc can overtime turn into a herniated one, and a herniated one can easily become ruptured. The best thing fur parents can do is to make sure their babies get checked up now and again to ensure spinal alignment is good to go. Heidi here is a prime example!