Amelia Earhart came in last week courtesy of @dachshundhausrescue. Thanks to this awesome group she was flown up after being put on the short list to euthanasia. She was found dragging and hobbling in the streets and the awesome folks at #dachshundhausrescue brought her in to see us. From the getgo we knew this wasn’t a spinal issue because it was pretty well focused on the right hind leg, we suspected she had had a previous injury that didn’t heal properly. After X-rays it turns out this girl had a broken pelvis at some point in her life, and her back end has been compensating. Well this is the change from first visit a week ago to today. She is walking beautifully and is barely even limping. Thanks to @dachshundhausrescue for trusting us with Amelia’s care, soon she’ll be ready to find her 

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