Bone Broth for Your Dog 

Bone broth is a great addition to your dog’s diet.  It is nutrient packed and improves joint health, aids in digestion, provides essential minerals for the body, and much more.  Bone broth is also real food rather than a synthetic supplement, which results in better absorption by the body. In this blog we will discuss what bone broth is, the benefits of adding it to your dog’s diet, and where you can find it. 

What is bone broth? 

Bone broth is the result of simmering bones and connective tissue from animals such as chickens, cows, etc. over numerous days.  With prolonged heating, the nutrients of the connective tissues leach out into the surrounding water creating a broth. This includes minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, collagen, and more.  The result is an easily digestible fluid that is packed with nutrition like a superfood. In addition, dogs typically love the flavor! 

What are the benefits of adding bone broth to the diet? 

As animal chiropractors, we focus predominantly on the joint health of your pet.  However, bone broth provides benefit to more than just the joints. These benefits include:   

  • Aids the digestive system - Amino acids such as glycine, glutamine, and proline are prevalent in bone broth.  They help repair any damaged tissue in the digestive system. This allows the system to function optimally and improves absorption. It may even help with food sensitivities.       

  • Provides your pet with essential minerals for their body to use.       

  • Benefits the immune system      

  • Joint health - Provides easily digestible nutrition for joints to help with repair.  This includes collagen, glycosaminogycans, and more.     

There are even more potential benefits.  This article explores the benefits of bone broth for humans. However, we can apply this information to our pets as well.  

Where to find bone broth? 

Bone broth can be found in local pet stores or made at home.  Some popular brands found in pet stores include Nulo, Open Farm, Primal, and more.   

If you like cooking you can always make bone broth yourself!  Here is a recipe by Dogs Naturally Magazine.  When purchasing bones for your broth, it is advantageous to find products from grass fed animals.  Animals fed a grass diet are believed to be healthier than their counterparts that are fed pro inflammatory grain.  If you can’t find bones from grass fed animals, don’t stress. Bone broth is healthy in any form. 

As you can see, bone broth is a great supplement to add to your dog’s diet.  It is nutrient dense, helps with joint repair, aids the digestive system, and much more.  It’s also fairly easy to find locally or can be made at home. It’s easy to serve as well.  Just pour some in your dog’s bowl and watch it disappear!