Well we apologize for the delay in updates, our mom has been incredibly busy and there is much to tell. Let’s start with our first success story, a little dog named “Copper”. Copper is a doodle, he’s eleven years young and has had a history of on/off limping. Every time he has an episode the limp had gone away within a few hours. Not this time though. Copper came in from outside with one of his hind legs hiked up entirely. He wouldn’t put any weight on it at all and was hobbling to and fro. His mom and dad were quite worried so they took him to the vet, and the vet wasn’t quite sure what was causing Copper’s issue either. He prescribed pain pills and anti-inflammatories and told them if that didn’t work they’d maybe want to look into surgery. 

Well Copper’s parents had no interest in surgery, afterall Copper is a bit older and exploratory surgery just didn’t sound like a great idea. They had seen chiropractors for quite some time and figured maybe Copper had something like a pinched nerve causing the leg lift. This is where our mom comes in, she was called out to look at Copper and see what she could do. She explained that though it would take some time, Copper looked like a run of the mill case. He had multiple structural shifts throughout his lower back and pelvis leading to inflammation and muscular spasm. 

Little by little, adjustment after adjustment, Copper started putting his foot down. After his sixth adjustment Copper had gone from refusing to use that fourth limb to 95% back to normal. Our mom recommends he continue to get checked on a monthly basis so as to protect him from having another incident. This little guy did great and his mom and dad couldn’t be happier!