When it comes to supplements for dogs, there are very few I recommend as frequently as golden paste. It has many positive effects, but its primary strength is that it is an anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is the cause of many issues, including joint pain (which I deal with as an animal chiropractor). However, chronic inflammation is also known as the silent killer because of its potential role in many diseases. This article will focus on what golden paste is, what conditions it may help, and how you can acquire it.  

What is golden paste?

Golden paste is the name of a supplement that features turmeric, coconut oil, and black pepper. The major active ingredient in this mixture is turmeric. More specifically, there is a compound in turmeric called curcumin that provides the benefits. These benefits include:  

  • anti-inflammation
  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-oxidation
  • pain relief
  • and more

The black pepper and coconut oil are used to enhance the absorption of curcumin and provide a means to combine the ingredients together. All of these ingredients act together to pack quite the powerful anti inflammatory punch!  

What conditions might golden paste help?

As an animal chiropractor, I see a lot of dogs suffering with joint pain. The biggest of the conditions is arthritis, which turmeric provides profound benefits. In fact, a recent study on humans showed that curcumin, the active compound in turmeric, actually outperforms ibuprofen when treating arthritis. There was another nice benefit as well. There weren’t any of the side effects associated with ibuprofen use!  

In addition, golden paste helps with pain – even if there isn’t arthritis. Inflammation stimulates pain nerves in the body which leads to a feeling of discomfort. Addressing this inflammation will help reduce these nerve signals. Therefore, your pet will benefit from this supplement if they are in pain, even if they aren’t arthritic. Senior dogs with mobility issues benefit tremendously!  

What conditions might benefit that aren’t joint related?

In addition to helping support joints and decrease pain, turmeric helps counter chronic inflammation. As I mentioned previously, chronic inflammation is referred to as the silent killer because it plays a large role in many diseases. The conditions that may benefit include:  

  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • cancer
  • allergies
  • epilepsy
  • heart health
  • liver health

Therefore, golden paste is way more than an anti pain supplement for your pup. It’s a supplement that improves their overall health!  

Where can you find golden paste?

There are a few options for you. If you are a hands on type of person, you can make it yourself. The recipe I recommend for our patients is based on a veterinarian’s recommendations. You can find the ingredients locally. If you prefer to shop while sitting at home, this turmeric powder comes highly reviewed. Island Fresh Coconut Oil is a number 1 seller on amazon (and well reviewed also). Finally, the black pepper in your house should work!  

If you aren’t a do it yourself type of person, don’t worry – there are some options available for purchase. These include:  

  • Zesty Paws – This is a chewy treat better suited for pets that may not like the golden paste placed directly on their food.
  • Simple Thrive – Another treat, very well reviewed.
  • Kin and Kind – makes a product that you can sprinkle on top of your pet’s food. Looks like great quality.

Sometimes a dog will turn their nose up at one option, so it’s always nice to have multiple options.  

Golden paste is a fantastic supplement that is easily accessible, whether homemade or purchased online. It helps animal chiropractors address joint pain and arthritis. However, the anti inflammatory benefits have widespread benefits. It is, in our opinion, one of the best pet supplements out there!  

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*If you purchase any of the products listed in this blog, we do receive a small commission. However, you can find many of the recommended products at local pet stores and these brands aren’t the only ones out there. We just wanted to recommend the ones that are highly rated.