This is our Christmas miracle. Luna is six years old and two months ago she became completely paralyzed in her back legs. She was given no hope of recovery, had zero feeling in her back paws, no bowel or bladder control, and she was basically two separate animals. Her front end, happy and healthy and ready to go, her back end, just dragging along for the ride. Luna’s family was not ready to give up on her and opted to try chiropractic care. Luna was seen once before she regained deep pain reflexes in her back paws, on her third visit she began to show resistance in her back legs while doing passive range of motion, on her fifth visit she had some muscle flickering and attempted to move her one back leg, and now today, at her eighth visit just under two months later, she walks in. Is she graceful yet? No, she is still in the process of recovery and has some rehab that needs to happen to regain the muscle tone she has lost. Did we cry? Wouldn’t you???? Luna has brought tears to our eyes on more than one occasion because of her determination to recover. She never became disheartened, she never stopped trying, and most importantly her family never gave up on her. While Luna still has some recovering to do, we could not wait to share her progress this holiday season. We love her, her family, and everything they stand for when it comes to loving their fur baby. Keep it up Luna! We know that some day soon you’ll be just as crazy as you once were. 

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