Well it’s that time of year again, the holidays. A time to play with some round balls hung up on trees, eat plants we shouldn’t be eating, sleep in the branches, and add ourselves to the village display. It’s also a time when a lot of our mom’s patients start having more aches and pains. She just told us a story today about one of her new patients, a lab/shepherd mix who had been experiencing some severe neck pain. 

One day this dog was on a walk when he saw a delicious looking squirrel. He couldn’t help himself and he had to run after it, and who could blame him, they are awfully plump this time of year. Unfortunately his leash ended before he reached said squirrel and his neck was given a big jerk. For two months after this incidence the dog experienced horrible pain. He moped around the house, wasn’t eating as much as he usually did, and wasn’t his normal self. 

This pup’s owner had tried a lot of different things suggested by the traditional vet and nothing seemed to be working. She herself sees a chiropractor so she thought that would be something that could help her little guy…and that’s when she found our mom. After his very first visit, this pup went from hardly being able to turn his head to full range of motion. He wasn’t in pain, was able to go for walks and play with his sister, and there was no more yelps of pain. His owner couldn’t be happier and neither could our mom. Just in time for the holidays this big guy is back to his normal self, chasing squirrels and loving life.