Check out Max, he’s one heck of a sweetie pie and is always smiling from ear to ear. Max is getting up there in age and he’s got multiple levels of arthritis in his spine as well as some blocked vertebrae. With a history of spinal problems his veterinarian felt like chiropractic would be a perfect addition to his healthcare regimen. They could not have been more correct. Max was very slow moving at first, had difficulty getting up, and was unable to get in and out of the car. After his first adjustment, he left the office and nearly jumped into the car (either because he was feeling great or he just wanted to get out of the office that bad). Regardless it was something that had not happened in quite some time. Over the next few weeks Max was like a new dog. With each day he continues to improve. When he sees our mom he’s a happy guy, has very little trouble getting up and down, and even moves a bit quicker. Overall Max is a happy guy and his parents are excited to see a bit more of his puppiness come back in his older years.