Wiley is one of our favorite big fellas. He has the most hilarious grin and his demands for belly rubs never cease. He came to us last fall when out of the blue his back end stopped working. He couldn’t engage, couldn’t pick up, and didn’t have sensation in these back legs at all. The worst part of it all was that Wiley could not urinate on his own. His parents were not willing to pull the plug on him and they were the most dedicated humans we’ve ever encountered. Wiley was getting catheterized and expressed multiple times each day, which is no easy feat. He was patient and he progressed in his back end but his bladder just didn’t want to work on it’s own. One day after about three weeks of care, we got the text saying “Wiley urinated on his own for five seconds!!!!”, we cried. Since then, Wiley has made strides in all manners of the word. He works every day with his parents to build strength in his back end and each day he improves. This has not been an easy process for them but boy it shows you the lengths of what we’d do for our fur babies. Wiley is on the mend and we have high hopes that by spring he will be almost back to normal. His progress is phenomenal and we can’t say enough wonderful things about his parents never giving up on him!! Sometimes you just know it’s not time. Back issues always take time to heal, and Wiley is still healing. He is a big dog, which makes healing even harder and takes longer, but he is doing it. He is one of our favorite miracles.

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